How UpCity Can Help Boost Your Blog’s SEO

One thing that is missing from the Blogging and SMB community is an SEO tool with easy to understand instructions, tools that are actually effective in helping you grow your site as well as easy to understand reports.  That’s why internet marketing veteran Dan Olson created UpCity.

UpCity isn’t an enterprise tool like some of the name brands, but a custom built system to help SMBs, Bloggers and the Agencies that work with them.  It easily allows you to track, report and boost your SEO traffic through site health audits, easy-to-understand-tools and provides you with actionable items based on data.  All of the tools are built in house and designed to save you time while maximizing your efforts.

You can try UpCity for free by clicking here, or you can continue reading to learn about the tools and how they can help grow your blog or business. 

UpCity SEO Tools for Bloggers

Here are some of the features of UpCity and how you can use them to scale and grow your own blogs.

  • Backlink checker
  • Week by week reporting
  • Social media monitoring tools

The Backlink Checker

UpCity Backlink Checker

UpCity has a great tool to help you find backlinks to your blog.  By knowing where the backlinks exist you can see when they were built, where they come from and keep track of who is mentioning you.  By having this in an easy to read and export format, you can reach out when you have new resources that are relevant to the sites.  That is only the starting point of how to use this tool.

By being able to pull a report of who is linking to your site, you can also do this for competitors or pages ranking above you for key terms in the search engines.

Now that you have your competitors backlink profiles, you can start an outreach campaign to either replace your competitors backlinks with yours, or have your site added to help get the same authority that they have and outrank them.  A good starting point is with link requests and dividing up the list.

Here are a couple of tips on how to do this:

If the page has multiple outbound links, then you may want to ask the webmaster to add your resource to their list.  If it has a couple, you may want to pitch your resource and another one which is relevant.  If it only links out to your competitor, you could try pitching a similar/complementary or follow up post that could have a link to your site.

Having the list of sites is the key to helping remove your competitors rankings and helping to get your own site to show up better.

Week by Week Reporting

ranking by week

If you get hit by a penalization or rewarded, the week by week reporting tool can help with this.  The report shows you keywords and position from the time you add the keywords until you cancel your account.  If an update occurs within a specific search engine, you can track what keywords were rewarded and which ones were hit.  By having this data in an easy to see format you can know what to work on, how to fix it and have an easy way to see what is working and what is not.  (I pulled a 90 day overview in a live account I use for one of my clients, but I could go on a week by week basis as well).

If Panda hit your site and you lost some of your pages ranking, you can look at the keywords and pages that dropped to find out where to start your recovery.

If it’s Panda, the first thing to do is to find the pages that dropped and fix your onsite issues with them. If you see a lot of drops with keywords, find the page that was ranking and you have the perfect starting point.  Here’s one way to tackle it by using this report if there are 10 pages that got hit.

The first step is to create a plan to fix what is wrong with the effected pages.  If you have 10 like we mentioned above, try updating three on the same day the first week, three on the same day the next and three on the same day the week after.  You may want to leave one alone to see if it can recover on it’s own.   Now over the next couple of months you can watch as Everflux comes through and your rankings may start to come back or continue to fall.  If it’s working after a few weeks and everything is moving forward, you now have a good idea on how to get other pages to start to climb if they aren’t ranking at all.

The quick and easy to read reporting makes seeing your recovery efforts easy since you don’t have to pull a ton of data.  It is displayed right in front of you.

Social Media Monitoring Tools for Bloggers

social media monitoring tools

UpCity has recently launched a full set of social media monitoring tools to help you track traffic as well as measure and monitor the impact with conversions, SEO and to determine which channels bring the most relevant traffic for you.  Much like the other reports, the social media and traffic analysis report can be customized and appears in an easy to understand format.

You can see your sessions, the climb or decline, the source of your traffic as well as the device people are using when they find you.  From here you can really start to gather some great data to make decisions on which social channels have the best response with your site, which ones you may want to avoid spending a lot of time on and which ones may be good that you haven’t thought of working with yet.

UpCity realized there was a serious lacking of SEO and Social Media tools for SMBs and Bloggers.  By building everything in house and constantly launching new tools for Bloggers and SMBs like you, you now have a solution that is affordable and able to help you scale your site!

UpCity also has an affiliate program should you already have an existing audience that could benefit from their services as well.

Try UpCity free by clicking here!

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