How to Boost Your Email Subscribers? Tip #3

Getting more email subscribers.

Building an email list is what you’re after, if you’re a smart blogger.

If you’re not building your email list, then sorry to say that you’re dumb.

If you’re building it, welcome smart blogger.

But it’s a hard thing, it’s very hard especially for beginners, it takes a lot of hard work to grab your first 1000 subscribers than it’s to grab the next 2 or 3000 subscribers.

That’s why I’ve created this series of posts, where every week, I’ll share a post with you and each post contains one specific tip, why to apply it and how to apply it.

In this post, I’ll share with you the 3rd tip to boost your email subscribers lists.

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It was easy to get a subscriber

In the old decades of the internet, people were pumped to subscribe to any newsletter. Email was a new thing and they were getting a small amount of emails.

It was enough to have a newsletter where you email people weekly or so on and people will subscribe, conversion rates was huge at that time.

Now, in this busy internet marketing world, we receive a lot of emails. People now guard their email list as gold.

That’s why you need to bribe them to subscribe to your email list.

You need to offer them an incentive to give it to them when they enter their email address and subscribe.

Today’s tip: Offer a narrow-niche incentive:

People now get tens or hundreds or even thousands of emails each day. Tim ferriss get 4000 emails each and every day.

To be able to convince people to subscribe to your email list, you need to have an incentive to get them subscribe to your blog.

But there’s one thing here, offer a narrow-niche incentive, don’t go broad with topics like internet marketing, self development, personal finance and so on.

Instead, go with very narrow topics like blogging to boost your internet marketing, or even go with how to build your email list.

Got the idea? You could even go deeper with topics like how to write your about page and so on.

The format isn’t that important. People use ebooks, I don’t prefer it, because it became very popular. Try to stand out from the rest, but if you’re starting and you don’t love to do video or audio, no problem with going with ebooks.

Don’t make this stop you from creating it.

What to do now?

  1. Think of the topic you want to cover as your incentive, try to be as narrow as possible, you don’t need to write 100-pages ebook about broad topic.
  2. Think of the format that would be best for you to create and for your audience to absorb the info.
  3. Set a deadline for when to finish it.
  4. Do the planning in one day and then try to finish all the other stuff in less than a week.

And that’s your plan.

So what are you planning to do? What is the topic that you think would be great for your readers to cover as an incentive for them to subscribe?

Share your answers below, I’d be happy to give you my feedback.


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