How to Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems for online retailers. It’s also something that we are all guilty of — we visit a site and find something we like, we start filling out the order form and then when it’s time to put in our credit card we end up leaving the site all together.

This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • distractions
  • loss of interaction
  • change of heart
  • looking for coupon code

No matter the reason why people fill out only a portion of their information and then leave your site, it’s still costing online retail and lead generation sites billions of dollars every year. It’s not just the online retail industry and lead generation space that are feeling the hurt from lost ROI from cart abandonment, but also many of the blogs on the internet that were created simply to bring awareness to services, products and brands online.

The practice of increasing conversion rates and getting people to complete their shopping cart process is something companies spend millions of dollars on every year. in particular is one of the leaders on making the process seamless and easier to complete. Just the smallest fraction of a percent in improvement can result in millions of dollars in profit (instead of loss) for many of the largest retailers online. During peak holiday shopping hours, can have over 500+ orders being placed on their site per second!

In the infographic below provided by Monetate, they’ve listed some of the best ways to avoid shopping cart abandonment. I’ve also listed a summary of the best methods that you can implement on your site and check out process right now.

  • Don’t force customers to register on your site
  • Always provide the shipping costs and don’t try to hide it
  • Remove any coupon code areas, as people will look for codes and never come back
  • Provide a trustworthy price and support guarantee to keep customers happy
  • Run your site and checkout process with a reliable system
  • Allow users to save their shopping cart progress if they wish to continually browse your site
  • Post customer testimonials to improve conversions, engagement and confidence

Shopping Cart Abandoment

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