Using Social Media Profiles to Rank Higher in Search Results

Experts in digital marketing often specialize in search engine optimization, social media outreach and online reputation management. While providing professional services, such Internet gurus also use Web-based platforms for personal use. Social network pages allow successful IT entrepreneurs to connect with friends, relatives and co-workers. On a personal profile, it’s still a good idea to post official information about employment history and current status. Social network users sometimes seek services provided by fellow friends.

In a sense, personal social media profile pages allow individuals to make professional connections. At the same time, such profiles could also be used to make friendly connections with fellow colleagues and co-workers. These days, it’s common for employers to find out more about each other by checking out social network pages. Additionally, social networks allow co-workers to stay in touch with each other in an indirect way. Making direct phone calls to newly acquainted co-workers might be considered somewhat disruptive, but browsing online is quick and discreet.

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When it comes to getting online exposure, entrepreneurs should understand that their professional websites and other profile pages should overshadow personal ones. When people search for specific businesses online, official websites are expected to appear on the search engine results page. Potential customers can confidently contact businesspeople and ask about the services offered. By contrast, it would be inappropriate to contact a business owner via a personal profile page on social media.

An entrepreneur like Brent Franson and other businessmen are examples of SEO experts who use social media for personal and professional reasons. If you were to search for “brant franson” in the search results, you would clearly see the power of social media profile ranking and how it helps your name or brand stand out from others who might have the same name as you.

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Search engine optimization is used to ensure that official websites and networking profiles appear on the top of results pages in search engines. There is usually no need to buy advertisements for keywords that only contain the name of a business person. Instead, organic SEO methods can be used to enhance professional sites. HTML tags can be optimized with proper descriptions that clearly identify the person being featured on a site. It’s also important to put an actual human face on the landing page of a professional website for a business person. High-quality images featuring head shots should be embedded into landing pages that provide brief information.

Entrepreneurs should ideally use a nickname or alias for their personal profile pages on social networks. This allows the professional sites and networking pages to have better chances of appearing on the results pages of search engines. When a user searches for a full name of a businessman, the social network profiles with aliases would not appear in the results. A virtual alias creates a barrier between personal and official identity online. It’s sometimes important for businesspeople to protect their privacy in order to prevent any scandalous accusations and rumors with the abuse of controversial personal photos or statements.

Social media can also be used to do much more than just provide official contact information for an entrepreneur or business. Calls of action can be posted on official profile pages that promote products and services offered online and in local brick-and-mortar establishments. High-quality images and descriptive articles can be posted on social media pages that are dedicated to building a loyal customer base.

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