How to Boost Your Email Subscribers? Tip #2

List building and email marketing had been one of the hot topics in the past few years.

People are starting to see the benefits of getting their visitors, keeping them and increasing the trust factor to easily sell their products, not once, but multiple times.

It was even reported that the return on investment is 40$ per each dollar invested. It’s huge. It’s better than ads and all this stuff.

Sorry to say it, but if you’re not maximizing your benefit from list building and email marketing, then you’re dumb.

I know that most of you aren’t dumb, but this series is created for the serious bloggers out there who want to benefit from each visitor they get.

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Today’s tip: Add a subscription box after first post:

This tips is something that isn’t discussed a lot.

And very few people apply this tip and reap the benefits.

But I know that you’re smart, so you’re going to be from those people and you’ll start reaping the benefits.

This strategy is very small. When people scroll through your homepage, after the first post box, you’ll place your subscription form. After the subscription form, they’ll see the second post, the third one and so on.

The reason why this spot┬áis effective, is people are scrolling your homepage, when you add something different and it stands out, it grabs their attention and it’s not at the end of the page, so you’ll capture the attention of almost everyone who visits the homepage.

It’s very simple, but it’s really effective.

Most of the blogs who use this strategy, they use it for advertisements, they make others benefit for few cents paid for them. What a lose.

Others use it to show their services. Although this is a good strategy, but when someone new visit your blog, they want to know you more. They want more time to trust you with their money.

So you place the subscription box and you take the relationship a step further, after that you could sell them your services or your products.

How to apply it?

This is the part that scares most people, but it’s really simple.

Here’s how you could add this to your theme.

To add your subscription box after the first post without it appearing after every post you need to do the following:

Find this text in your Main Index Template file within your Theme Editor section of your dashboard:

<!–?php endwhile; ?–>

Immediately before that code you should place this code:

<!–?php if(!$show_ads){ ?–>
Subscription code goes in here.
<!–?php $show_ads = 1; } ?–>

It’s that simple, it’s like 1,2,3.

Last Words:

Using this spot to add your subscription for is really a powerful thing.

Now, make sure that you add a highly customized subscription form and make use of the power of contrast to make it stand out.

And make sure to leave a comment, if you’ve a tip better than this, I may include it in a post and you’ll be mentioned.


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