Seven Essential WordPress Plugins for a Blog

WordPress as a blogging platform is highly beneficial for blog owners. Its open source content management system (CMS) is responsible for its huge popularity.

The WordPress plugins lend great functionality to this platform. You can use these add-ons to expand your site to incorporate all the features you need to run your blog with greater convenience.

Listed below are seven WordPress plugins, which every blog owner should have on the blog:

Recommended WordPress Plugins

1. Google XML Sitemap:

When the search engines start looking for your blog, it is important that web spiders find your site fast.

Google XML Sitemap can help your website become easily discoverable. Your site will have a web spider-friendly sitemap and every time someone types in the keyword, you website will be found faster than other websites.

2. WP Maintenance Mode:

Your website maintenance should not treat your regular online visitors rudely. Have this WP plug-in and let your visitors see a colorful webpage saying that the maintenance is going on.

Once the maintenance is over, disable the plug-in and the blog will be live again.

3. Subscribe2:

Your blog visitors are always eager to know what is going on in your website. If you have added something new to it, they should know first. This WP plug-in does just that.

The visitors will just have to subscribe to this by mentioning their preferred email id and pages whose development they want to know. As a result, whenever you make a change to those elements, they will be informed automatically.

4.  Gravity Forms:

Forms are very helpful when you want to remain in touch with your visitors. Feedback forms are a mode of communication between the visitors and you. If you have a general form then you may not get a good response.

Have customized forms with Gravity Forms. With this plugin, you can have multiple tailor-made fields in your form.

5.All in One SEO Pack: 

The success of blog is highly influenced by the number of visitors your site receives. You can increase traffic to your website if you optimize it with on-page SEO techniques. This WP plug-in is aimed at helping you achieve a higher ranking for your site and subsequently greater online presence.

This plugin facilitates in building appropriate title, description, Meta tag and keywords among other things for every post or page that you create. You can easily optimize your small business for the search engines.

6. WP Database Backup: 

When it comes to important blog data, you have to take charge. Do not just rely on the backup steps of your hosting company. Use this plugin to back up database.

You can get a backup done on demand or you can schedule the operation. This plugin will make sure that your data is secure lest your site should be hacked or it becomes corrupted for certain reasons.

7. Easy Privacy Policy: 

This WordPress plugin can create privacy policy page very easily for your site. You can either tweak it to customize to your liking or leave it as it is. The default settings will create a generic privacy policy page that outlines the fundamental laws governing the cyber world.

Having a privacy policy page is very helpful in establishing credibility with site visitors as well as Google. This plugin is designed to generate policies that are in line with Google AdSense.


You can enhance your blog with these WordPress plugins to create a fully featured site. These plugins will help you have an optimized site for the social media as well as search engines.

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