Make Yourself Known Online with these 4 Strategies

Everyone knows that launching a new business online is tiring on the entrepreneur that begins the venture. Whether it’s getting a blog kick started off the ground or a business that offers goods and services, everyone meets the same challenge: getting people to the site and making yourself known.

Thankfully it does not have to be that hard. With a little time and patience anyone can find success online, and it isn’t all about SEO either.

There are four ways to get your business out there to the public both online and in person.

1. Make it look official.

The first step to successful online business is to make the website look official to potential consumers. The more official the site looks the more likely they are to trust the business and what it has to offer. The more simple the layout and design a site is the easier it is for consumers to find what they are looking for and recommend the site to others.

Make yourself Known Online

Word of mouth is the best reference you can ask for. Any well-known references that can be used on the site, such as BBB approval status, improve credibility and make the site look more official to potential consumers.

Blog hosting sites are the new web development hosts for businesses that cannot afford to pay a lot for professional web site development teams. WordPress offers a host of layouts and the ability to transform your blog into its own site with a yearly payment and a click and it’s done.

2. Create a marketing plan.

Yes, SEO is necessary. No good online marketing plan can succeed without SEO content these days. Search engines are a large determining factor in the number of hits an online site gets. Take time to hire out or learn about SEO content on your site because marketing and advertising are the most successful ways to generate business. Think about your consumers and what you want to achieve.

For example if you are selling college textbooks, online marketing may be the best way to spend your resources whereas a target audience of elderly people may be better served without use of internet. Remember that promotional materials, such as custom t-shirts, are a good way to make consumers feel like they got something for free even if they spent on services. Everyone likes to get something for free and it’s also a great way to extend your marketing reach.

3. Use social media networks.

There are a number of social media networks online: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn get the business in front of younger generations as well as professionals. These networks make information easily available without leaving the site and allow potential consumers to view your work.

For blogs hosting such as WordPress linking directly to these social media outlets is easy and everything links directly between the social media networks and the blog. Facebook even allows companies to advertise on the site, extending view coverage.

4. Participate in events.

Whether these events are large conventions or a table at a charity run-walk, getting yourself in front of consumers and off the web page makes you more tangible and real. People will follow someone they have met and talked to. Use these events to give away promotional materials.

Events are usually either indoors with few refreshment options or outside in the heat of the sun so giving away custom water bottles with your logo, website, and other relevant information is something consumers can take home. It’s a mobile advertisement.

Following the four steps is a sure way to increase online visibility and make people more likely to see you.


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