Depositphotos: Royalty Free Images & Affiliate Program

Remember the latest time you wrote a post for your blog and wanted a really great looking image to go along with it? Of course you do! We want all of our posts to have amazing images to make the content and user experience on the site. These images are even better when they are original, high quality and really pop off the page.

What’s even more important of a question is to ask where you get your images from?

It’s very easy for many of us to head over to Google Images and pull any random image that shows up in their directory, save it and then post it to our sites.

Another option is to visit sites like Flickr and see if we can find anything that would blend in well with the content. In this situation you can usually post the image to your site as long as you provide a backlink and credit to the original owner.

In both of these cases you are still vulnerable to potential lawsuits and cease & desist letters. The business of copyright image use is very big and not one that should be taken lightly.

The Price of Using Royalty Free Images

For this reason and others, I switched over all of my image use to Depositphotos, which is one of the largest royalty free image directories online. Instead of having to find random images across the internet, I can simply search their directory and purchase any images I would like to use… and while the thought of “paying” for images might seem crazy or too expensive for you, it’s actually much cheaper than you might think.

Before I jump into some of the benefits and features of Depositphotos, let’s quickly look at their pricing structure.

When setting up an account you can pay for image use on a monthly, daily or pay as you go structure. I recommend going with the Daily Subscription as this will drop your image costs below .50 per image use and you can download 5 images per day (150 per month) and use them as many times or as long as you like.

If you don’t need that many images, the “Pay as You Go” option is also great and the images will still cost you less than $1 each.

Depositphotos Pricing

So the question isn’t really can you afford to use royalty free images on your site, the question is can you afford not to? A few dollars here and there can save you a lot of potential problems down the road.

How to Find Great Images on Depositphotos

If you ever used Depositphotos then you will already be familiar with how their site works and how easy it is to find relevant images for your content. One of the problems with many other royalty free image sites is that they are loaded up with clip art and vector images. This is a problem because many of us want “real” looking images, such as people running in the park or working in an office.

This is something Depositphotos has gotten really good with over the years and I’ve shown two screenshot comparisons below. The first is a search for “affiliate marketing” images and the other is for “exercising” and you will see how each are unique and offer all three of the different images types that I mentioned.

Depositphotos Affiliate Marketing

Depositphotos Running

With Depositphotos partner program in place, new photographers are joining daily and uploading new content to their network — which means a constantly supply of new images being added to their site on a daily basis.

How to Make Money with Depositphoto’s Affiliate Program

With all of the success of Depositphotos and how they continue to improve their images and site, it only makes sense for them to have an affiliate program as well. I’m recommending Depositphotos to you because I use them across many of my sites and I get asked all the time where I find my images.

For anyone that would like to not only use Depositphotos for their images but to also make some extra money on the side, be sure to check out their affiliate program which offers an industry high commission os 30% per transaction.

Remember when I was talking about the subscription and payment methods above? The average order on DP is around $100, which means you would earn a nice $30 average commission on orders placed through their site.

Other highlights of their affiliate program include:

  • Best Commission Rates
    – Earn 30% commission for new and 15% for existing customer purchases.
  • Various Promo Materials
    – Get access to banners, product feeds and widgets, text links, emails and API.
  • Advanced Reporting
    – Stats are processed in real time and are available in all reports.
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    – Contact our helpful Account Managers for any queries 24/7.

The next time you are writing a killer blog post and looking for that perfect image to compliment your content, be sure to check out and see what images in their directory would be a perfect match for your site.

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