The Wrong Places To Write

Choices. That’s what innovation has given writers. You can find a laptop with enough battery power to enable you to start working remotely one day and continue working until the sun comes up on another, to say nothing of laptops that are so thin, your wallet seems bulky in your back pocket by comparison.

When you consider wireless Internet connections are becoming as common as the air we breathe, you’ve got a great soup of choices writing tipsabout where and when to write. Still, you need to be careful because some of the places you think might be a good work environment could turn out to be more noisy and irritating than anything going on at home. On the other hand, a long cold winter staring at the same four walls while working only a few steps away from where you eat and sleep can start to produce the cabin fever that rivals anything in a Farley Mowat book.

So you need to get out and start exploring those options. Here’s a list of places to avoid, even though they seem like a good idea on the surface.

  • Coffee Shops. There’s enough going on in coffee shops to distract anybody from reading, let alone writing. Owners of these places try and entice writers with free Wi-Fi, but you’re going to hear the bottom end of conversations and see constant movement from the corners of your eye even with the right set of earphones. Keep in mind, these are great place to get out and take a break every once in a while, but not to work.
  • The Library. I know I’ll get some pushback on this one, but it seems the library has changed its focus over the last several years and become more of a community babysitting hub rather than a quiet study place. It’s still amazing to me people talk to each other over the two-foot span of a study table like they were at a bus stop. Even when you’re in one of the study cubicles with the door shut, you can hear people talking on their headsets.Unfortunately, individual quiet study in a library seems to have gone the way of the paper book.

Even with all the technology we have available today, some writers find it’s best to just pick a room in the house and make it your writing oasis. There’s a bevy of high quality headphones you can get on the Internet and more than a few places to choose soothing music from so you can shut the world out while you work. Remember, every time you leave your little writing cocoon, you’re going into that place with other people who have different agendas than your peace of mind.

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