8 Tips How to Get Your Guest Post Published Without Any Rejection

Are you wondering why your guest posts are always rejected by bloggers? Whether you looking for visibility to attract more paying blog clients, grow your own blog, guest posing is actually one of the best ways to get this done. When a guest blogger post appears on a famous blog it actually opens up more opportunity and generally make the guest blogger look like a pro. When your guest post is published without any rejection, it actually gives you more exposure to possible blogging and paid blogging opportunities. But how do you get your blog post published without any rejection from blog owners? Below are 8 tips on how to get your guest post published without any rejection.

1. Always include headline.

Always ensure that your post has an outline or headline before submitting to the blogger. The headline should be well written free from spelling and grammar errors. The headline should be descriptive and straight to the point. Also ensure that the headline matches with the content that is on the post. Posting out of topic headline will definitely make your post to be rejected by the blogger .The first impression of your post will determine if it will be accepted and published or rejected. To increase the chances of it being published, ensure that you always include the headline that is well written unless stated otherwise by the blogger.

2. Write good and relevant content.

The site that you are writing for already has a reputation. Your guest post must meet the expectation of the blogger for it to be accepted and published. Because of that, you must ensure that the content that you post is interesting, relevant and well researched. You must write good and relevant content to maintain the already exiting readers of the blog and also to attract more readers. The blog owner cannot accept to publish junk content for his readers. The blogger can decide to let his/her site not to be updated for weeks than providing poor content that would actually drive away the blog reader. To increase the chances of your guest post being accepted and published, then it must have fresh, relevant, well researched quality content.

3. Don’t post duplicate content.

There is nothing as embarrassing to the blogger that a situation where he/she discovers that the content submitted by the guest post on his/her blog is actually a duplicate content and has already been published elsewhere before it was submitted to his/her blog. As a guest blogger, always ensure that the content you submit to the blogger is actually original and has not been posted by any other blogger on their site. Both Google, webmaster and readers frowns at duplicate content and if you want your post to be accepted the blog owner, and then you must ensure that the post you submit is original and has not been posted elsewhere.

 4. Include keywords.

Guest post always needs to have keywords because it helps the post to rank highly in search engines and that will make it attract traffic to the site. Most guest bloggers actually assume that it is the job of the blog owner to do that job and that is why their post are not approved by the blog owner .Always make sure that you include the keywords that you want your post to rank and then use those words in place like titles and header tags. Most blog owners prefer accepting and publishing post that will rank highly in search engines to attract more readers the site. To increase the chances of your post being accepted and published, always ensure that the keywords are included in the article before posting it for approval.

5. Include your biography.

Before you send your post to the blogger, ensure that you include your short bio. Most guest bloggers do end their post abruptly even without giving a clue on their experience, the sort of freelancing they do or where they live. If possible include the link to your website where the blog owner can easily follow to learn more about your background. If the blog owner cannot learn anything about the writer of the post, it makes him /her to be nervous and suspicious. Include a short bio about yourself just at the end of your post or include link to your website to enable the blog owner know more about you. This will build trust between the two of you and also increase the chances of your post being accepted and published.

6. Include all readers.

All successful guest post always ensure that each post appeal to a broad spectrum of their readers. When writing for blog post, you must be very careful not to exclude other readers what also want to get something from the content. Your post should not be gender bias or should not portray that it is targeting only specific audience. You post must include all readers and when they read, they should actually feel that they are included in the post.

7. Follow instructions and guidelines.

You should read through the entire guest posting guidelines and follow them when writing a blog post. Ensure that you follow all the instruction stated by the blog owner because if they are not followed, your post will be rejected. If the instructions are not clear or if you have not understood the instructions well, feel free to contact the blog owner to set things straight before you post the content. You must ensure that you understand all instructions stated by the blog owner and follow them to the latter to increase the chances of your post being accepted and published by the blog owner.

8. Follow the right format.

Blogger are usually very busy and most of the time, they usually don’t have time to proofread your article over and over again. They actually don’t have time and patience to try and reformat your poorly formatted content. To save their precious time, they will simply not accept your content. As a guest post blogger ensure that you follow the right format that the blogger want. Don’t feel shy to ask if you are not sure on which format to actually use. If your blog post is well formatted, the chances of it being accepted and published will be very high.

In conclusion, providing the content that the blogger wants, being sincere while presenting your work and following the set rules will definitely make your post published on even the best blogs and websites.




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