12 Devastating SEO Mistakes that You Should Avoid

So you want to get higher rankings on Google.

You publish content, you think it’s great and Google should give it higher rankings.

You’re trying to get more links and shares to get higher rankings.

And yet, nothing happens.

That’s what happens to most of us.

Maybe, you had great rankings in many search terms, but today, your site is in the third page if not the tenth.

If that’s the case, this post is for you.

You’ll discover the 12 mistakes that even pro bloggers do that makes your rankings very low. These mistakes also could get your rankings lower each update.

So continue reading.

Why are you getting lower rankings?

Google is a Robot. But a really smart one. It’s evolving every day, so you need to respect it.

But at the end, Google is still a robot. You need to make its job easier to index your content and know more  about your content, what keywords should they rank your post for.

Also, you need to let it notice why they should rank yours and not others. It don’t know, if yours is better or others.

They can’t know it, unless you show it. That’s why Google have an algorithm which makes its job easier to know why post is better and to decide which post rank higher.

But it’s still a robot. Maybe, your post is better, but there’s a mistake that you’re doing, but your competitor don’t, so there post get higher rankings.

In this post, you’ll discover the 12 mistakes that many bloggers are doing that keeps their content in the tenth page, even if it’s better than the ones in the first page, so continue reading to know the mistakes.

The 12 Devastating mistakes…

Are you ready to check the 12 mistakes?

Here are they:

  1. Not Doing Proper Keyword Research
  2. Ignoring Your Old Posts
  3. Your Core Design Isn’t Optimized for Search Engines
  4. Write for Search Engines, Not for Readers
  5. You Are Still Using Blackhat Methods
  6. Ignoring the Title Tag
  7. Lack of Consistency and Maintenance
  8. Creating URLs That Don’t Contain Your Keywords
  9. Buying Links
  10. Focusing on Page Rank and Ignoring Author Rank
  11. Concentrating on Quantity of Links instead of Quality
  12. Your Site Speed is Slow

What to do now?

I was thinking about doing a complete series of 4 or more posts about these mistakes. But I thought it’d be better to give it all to you in one place.

But you must take action to fix those mistakes and start getting higher rankings.

But, if you really need more information about any of these mistakes, check out this SEO guide.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Check the 12 mistakes again.
  2. Mark out the ones that you’re doing.
  3. Admit that you’re doing it and that you want to stop doing it.
  4. Start searching for solutions and get rid of all the mistakes you had.

Over to you

Are you doing any of these mistakes? Is there any mistake that I didn’t mention?

Do you need my help solving any of these mistakes?

Tell me in the comments, I’d be happy to help you with it.


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