Why Shouldn’t You Expect Your Blog To Make Money?

Make money blogging is a quite popular topic isn’t? That’s quite reasonable. There’s nothing wrong for bloggers to start blogs so that they can make money from it.

In fact every blogger who puts in time, effort and money into developing a blog totally deserves to earn money from it.

But making money is not a straightforward thing; nor is it easy. Hard work and patience are involved. You also need to work smartly and strategically.

Starting a blog just like that in a random niche, posting rehashed content or pointless content will never get you there. But what a lot of newbie bloggers do is this.

I get queries from bloggers all the time asking for help and their question mostly sounds like this:

Jane, I started a blog about blogging, I wrote a few articles. It is a month old and I don’t know what to write about anymore. The blog is also not getting any traffic. I have adsense banners but I’m not earning anything. Please help.

Well this sounds pathetic. I seriously wish I could help these bloggers. But their aim, their strategy, their purpose – all of them are too vague. Some bloggers either don’t understand what I say or they don’t believe me!

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Blog monetization – First things first

A blog will not make money by itself. As a blogger you need to have a strategic plan to monetize your blog BEFORE you start your blog! Yes BEFORE.

Why most bloggers fail is that they start a blog on a niche that they find attractive, or a niche that’s too widely common. They do not do enough market research. They do not do a self-analysis with questions like these:

  1. Am I interested in the niche?
  2. Do I have expertise in the niche?
  3. If I have neither expertise nor interest, am I willing to spend money (or do I have the budget) to outsource content creation and market research?
  4. Can I create a product in the future that goes with the context of my blog?
  5. Can I offer a supplementary service?

and so on.

This is why I say (and emphasize) that you should think about monetization before you think about starting a blog.

Blog monetization is not about setting up a blog, throwing in a few ad banners and hoping that people will click on them and you will get rich.

There are many complex aspects like content creation, SEO, getting traffic, converting the traffic, marketing and much more.

Now all these are doable. I’m not saying all these to scare you in any way!

But you cannot randomly shoot at pointless directions and see if you could hit the target. Rather, you should approach things strategically when it comes to making money blogging. Or else you should not expect your blog to make money.

No product, no service

Another main reason for bloggers making no money or very less money is that they offer no product or service to back up their blogs. Now, you may argue that it isn’t really necessary to have a product or a service.

Yes that is true.

You can earn via affiliate commissions, direct advertising, sponsored reviews, flipping sites and much more. But having a product or a service builds an authoritative environment and helps you build a stable business.

And a product is something you create once and get paid multiple times. I do agree that you might have to undergo the pressure with offering support and dealing with unhappy customers – especially if your product is a software or a plugin, be prepared to be bombarded with support requests all the time.

But still it is quite easy to become widely popular, and become a brand with a product like that!


I come back to my starting point again. IF you don’t plan to sell anything on your blog, you shouldn’t be surprised about the fact that your blog isn’t making any money or enough money. It won’t.

Setting up a blog, writing and publishing and blog posts won’t earn you money. You have to monetize your blog strategically.

Choose any of the monetization methods. Try a handful of them and stick to whatever works for you.

Some people are comfortable with affiliate marketing. Some offer products/services. But make sure you don’t rely on any one source of income. If that source fails you will be in serious trouble!

Stick with a handful of ways to monetize your blog. Use a combination of active and passive income sources so you don’t have to be always “doing” the work in order to receive your pay – that will make you no different from a 9-5 regular jobber.

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