Marketing Strategies For Blogging That Work

When you first start out, even the idea of blogging can seem a little daunting. What to write about? Am I good enough? Will anyone really want to read the things I’ve got say? The chances are you’ll work through those fears and get to the point where you’ll want everyone to know that you do in fact have a great style that’s all your own and some interesting opinions on different topics other blog #4people are also looking at.

Sorting through the technologies like which blogging platform you’ll use can be the next big hurdle and sorting out all the features, functions, widgets and the like can have you feel like you’re running through a maze.

Even after you get all that put to bed, you need to get the word out and make sure your carefully designed and written blog gets to the market where the readers are waiting.

Social Media

Of course, one of the best methods is still social media, but a few pointers should help you to stay on track. By now, everyone knows at least something about Facebook, but one of the most effective methods to use with this social media platform revolves around good old fashioned article writing. By writing an article that deals with a current topic relevant to your industry or areas of interest, you’ll generate attention that can point right back to your blog.

Lots of Twitter users don’t have an eye toward seo when they’re posting tweets, but trying to work in a keyword related to your blog will help to generate even more notice. It’s also important to build a network of good contacts to generate followers. Finally, don’t forget about Linkedin even if you’re not promoting a business. A few status updates posted daily can do wonders when it comes to getting a blog more exposure.

All those suggestions don’t mean you can afford to overlook other methods too. Together these fall under the category of:

Content Marketing

Press releases are making a comeback and that’s good news for bloggers who are looking to get great exposure. Still, this isn’t necessarily a DIY affair. Depending on the platform you choose for the release, there might be a few rewrites or other small hassles, so it’s best to get a journalist to write these up for you. These are the industry experts that know what constitutes ‘newsworthy’ and they can help you pick out a topic that will pass scrutiny.

Guest blogging is still one of those surefire ways to make sure people who are interested in what you’ve got to say know where to find you. Putting together a network using this technique allows you to be seen and provides links back to your site.

Finally, remember you’ll attract both regular and new visitors to your blog when you post often. Establishing a routine is one of the best ways to keep that blog up and running.





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