Are You Still Using Press Releases Instead of Content Marketing?

Press releases aren’t what they used to be. Not only did they used to get you some nice backlinks back to your sites, but they might actually get the attention of others online now. They still can if you have really great news or information that grabs headlines or gets circulated by the biggest news web sites, but in most cases your PR will just get lost within the mix.

Another problem with press releases is the high cost that you will have to pay to work with any of the big PR names and agencies out there. Sometimes it will cost over $500 just to send your article over to a company and all they do is review it and then send it out to their outlets. The end result for most of their customers is little to no feedback, traffic or new customers.

I say all of this because I’ve experienced these same results! Press releases are dying and content marketing is gaining more traction every day.

Still Using Press Releases

Is Content Marketing Replacing PR? – the overwhelming answer is definitely YES! In addition to writing this post for, I also work with them on a daily basis to make sure their PR services are the best around, while also offering the best support and services that you won’t see from traditional PR agencies.

Here are ten quick reasons why you should consider using your own content marketing and social media resources instead of buying traditional PR services that just sent out your pre-written news to media outlets that no one reads.

  1. For most clients there is little to no return on investment.
  2. No one is proofreading your PR content before it goes live.
  3. Once your press release is sent out, there is no way to modity/remove it.
  4. Using your own social media outlets will grow your following and trust among your readers.
  5. Creating a blog to release your content will help your site grow more in size and rankings.
  6. Press releases are getting the exposure and pickup that they used to. Blog content gets as much attention if not more.
  7. Google has removed any link juice that is flowing from press releases back to your mentioned urls and sites.
  8. In some situations, when a PR job is completed there is little support or contact after the job has taken place.
  9. Releasing content on your own sites and blogs allows you to reply and accept comments from other users.
  10. It’s extremely important for you to own the rights and ability to edit/access/remove all of your content.

For all of these reasons and more press releases are slowing dying out and more money and attention is being given to content marketing and branding. It’s easy for the average blogger and marketer to fall into the trap of the glories that press releases and their services offer, but the end exposure is never what they promise.

You will need to have a team of writers who look at your content and re-write it to focus on their audience, and actually promote your press releases to the right demographic… not just spew it out to a “category” on other news sites that release thousands of news articles every day.

At the same time it’s also important to make note that there are still some legitimate PR agencies and services still around. However for the rest of the industry and those who aren’t adapting… PR is Dead!

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