How to Protect Your Website from Google Penalty

Everyone in Internet Marketing world is well aware of Google Algorithm updates and what problem it has caused last year and early this year. People are scared of getting their online business boomed!

In this blog post, I will suggest a few ways to protect your website from Google penalty and play safe within the search engine.

High Quality Links

You need to understand the fundamentals of link building. It is not about how many links you’re building but the quality of the links you’re building. Sometimes, one high value link is worth thousands of low quality spammy links. I always used to analyze websites and blogs which are ranking high for their desired keywords. Most of the websites and blogs have reputable links from authority sites of their related niche which helps them to stay on top.

I understand most of the newbies out there are misguided and spending their money on Fiverr services and other individual services that spams thousands of wiki links, forum links, blog commenting and other so called “gray-hat SEO” methods.

Anchor Density

Google Penguin update focuses more on anchor density of your keywords used within your blog or website. You need to be aware of this matter and the safest way is to keep your anchor density around 12% to 15% for every new link being built. However, I’ve witnessed websites having an anchor density of their main keyword up to 50% without any damage to their website.

There are high possibilities, after the Google Algorithm change that is going to be released soon, the site might get badly hurt! So if you notice your anchor density is getting higher quickly change them and reduce the percentage through Semantically Related Keywords.

Link Ratios: Why they are important?

I always never bothered about link ratios until one of my close friend, suggested to keep an eye on the Link ratios as it will definitely make changes on SERP’s as the Google Algorithm is being updated frequently.

What aspects you need to see when it comes to Link ratio:

  • Link type : Text vs Mentions vs Images
  • Link Location: Paragraph vs Link List vs In Content vs Sidebar vs Header
  • Domain Niche/Theme :  Business vs Technology vs Reference vs News vs Portals
  • Site Type: General vs Blog vs CMS vs Social Network vs Link Directory

For an example if Social Network has more links built compared to Link directory and other web 2.0 properties, you should balance it with the other options available by creating alternate links!

Sign up For Google Webmaster Tools Account

I have witnessed so many website owners I had consulted never bother to know what Google Webmaster Tools is and how it can help them in monitoring their website! In 2013, this is very important…

The Google Webmaster tool always helps you in identifying problematic links and remove the low quality and negative links that might harm your website.  In some cases, Google-bot might have difficulties in crawling your website.

Basically, Google Webmaster Tool will help you in minimizing small errors that might lead to your decrease in rankings within the search Engine!

Stay Away From Spammy Links

No matter how many times I warned my clients from using services from Fiverr for link building still they would never listen and still get their ass busted and come back to me and asking for a solution.

Come on guys, think for yourself practically, is it possible to create even a 100 quality link within Fiverr… If it’s possible I don’t mind shutting down all my websites and SEO services and let the Fiverr Gigs do the job.

Fiverr gigs promises hundreds and thousands of wiki links, blog comment and etc but they are software generated and that is what we call “negative” link building which will destroy your website.

If you people out there, still don’t want to listen go on buy Fiverr Gigs for $5 and get your website penalized!

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