The SEO Task that’s Outsourced By Pro Bloggers

Outsourcing SEO tasks is done by a lot of bloggers nowadays. Organic traffic is the best source of traffic, because you get traffic without any additional work.

You just do some hard work at the beginning and you’ll get traffic for longer time. That’s the great thing about SEO and organic traffic.

Actually, bloggers aren’t that free to spend more time on optimizing the post for search engines. That’s why SEO tasks is one of the most outsourced tasks nowadays by top bloggers.

Actually, there’s one thing that top bloggers outsource in SEO more than anything else… continue reading to know that task. I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

The task that’s outsource by most of the pro bloggers is…

On Page optimization.

In the early days, this was the most important factor to rank higher in Search engines. That’s why there was a lot of spammers. And google is trying to beat spammers these days.

Although Google is trying very hard to not care about On-page optimization, it’s very important.

Here’s why…

Google is a reboot. How could Google know about the page that it’s indexing. What does that page talk about.

On-Page optimization not only helps google know what your page is about, it makes your page loved by google.

That’s why on page optimization is very important.

Here’s some tasks that could help you make your page better in the eyes of google.

  • Your design. Having a lot of unwanted codes makes it hard for google to index your content. Try to keep it as clean as you can.
  • The speed… google don’t want searchers to wait. Try to optimize the speed of your blog.
  • Keywords in your post. Don’t add it that much but add it with the right quantity.
  • Link to other authoritative sites. This gives you authority in the eyes of google.

A pro tip:

Use SEO tools like scribe.

Using a tool like Scribe will help your assistant to do all the work for you.

After you just write the post, give it to your assistant to optimize it for you. You want to get the most out of every thing you write.

Last words:

Are you thinking of outsourcing On Page optimization?

Did you do it before?

Hope to hear from all of you in the comments. I really like to hear what do you think.

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