How to Use Triberr to Increase Shares and Traffic

Hello bloggers, this is my first post here on Blogging Tips. I’m really honored that I’m a guest blogger here and I really enjoy the feeling that I can contribute to the one of the biggest blogs on the planet.

I hope you are going to like me since I have lot of great tips and strategies to share. I will mostly be writing about:

Today topic includes all three of these. I’m going to write about how to use Triberr to increase shares and traffic.

I believe you all have heard about Triberr before. For those who have not heard about Triberr yet, I will make a brief introduction explaining what Triberr is and how it works.

Triberr Introduction

Triberr is a huge blogging community that works like a content distribution platform. It is very interesting and it is slowly becoming really popular.

It sends over 2 million visitors to members blogs every month. I bet you are already warmed up for the signing up. This community has lot of potential and the great thing about is that this community has been made for small bloggers.

If you decide to sign up, you will be able to share other people posts, learn something new, increase your shares and get a ton of traffic.

How to use Triberr

Triber consist of different groups called Tribes.

Tribe is a group of people who usually blog about same thing. When you decide to sign up, you will be able to modify your personal account. You can put your own avatar, attach your social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, G+ or LinkedIn.

You will also need to enter your blog’s feed url so people could see and share your posts.

The good thing about Triberr is that everything has been set up to automatic. When you enter your blog’s feed url every time you publish a post on your site, the same post will be visible for sharing and commenting on Triberr.

It is a good way to get lot of shares and traffic quickly.

Your ”Reach” is also really important. The same moment when you signed up, you will be able see what is the reach of your account. If you haven’t joined any Tribe yet, your reach would be number of followers you have on your social media accounts.

As you follow common sense, you would want to expand your reach by joining more Tribes.

When you see a Tribe that is related to you and your blog, you will first need to start following it. You will be able to see posts from Tribe members and they will also appear in Tribal Stream.

You can request a promotion from the Chief so you can become a member. You will have bigger chances to be promoted if you:

  • Have a good relationship with chief
  • Share other people posts
  • Are popular on Twitter or Facebook

If you are related to Blogging and Internet Marketing, I suggest you to join my tribe.

I’d like to suggest you that you can use Triberr to find guest bloggers and blogs where you can contribute also. There is a place called ”Bonfires” where you can submit your blog and ask for some guest posting. You will also be able to find good blogs where you can add your contribution.

That will be all for the first time!

Work Hard, Dream Big!


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