How Your Blog’s Brand Influences Ad Pricing

The branding and reputation of your blog is everything. Not only does it represent the blog and give you an idea of how well known your blog is, but it can also heavily influence the way people look at your content, trust the reporting and news on your site and also greatly impacts the amount of revenue your site can generate through on site advertising.

For example… let’s take ProBlogger, BloggingTips and a regular new blog on the internet for example,

online management reputationProblogger is one of the top “blogging” sites on the internet and they are known as one of the mega authorities within this niche. People visit Problogger because of Darren Rowse and the great reputation he has built around the blog, even though much of the content is now guest blogging content. is a well known authority site in the blogging niche, but no where near as popular as ProBlogger in terms of traffic or branding. My name and branding helps grow BloggingTips, but it’s not what I’m most known for.

Now lets look at the thousands of other “wordpress” and “blogging tips” sites on the internet that have 50,000 uniques going to each of them every month, but they don’t have the name recognition of branding behind them. They have the traffic and the content, but the “authority” is missing.

With all of that said… ProBlogger will cost you the most money to buy advertising on. Darren also has a massively huge and powerful list. If he comes out with a new book or product and mails it out to his list, everyone buys it up. can demand a nice amount of money for on-site advertising and mailings, but not as much as ProBlogger. Lastly we have all of the other high traffic and established blogs that offer low cost advertising, yet they still can’t sell out their ads.

What’s the problem here?

The problem is that people want their brand associated with well known brand and in high authority places.

Developing a Brand that People Can Trust

Another example is TechCrunch. They are able to charge advertisers an insane amount of money to advertise on their site, yet many of the readers on ProBlogger and BloggingTips are also reading TechCrunch.

The takeaway here is… build a BRAND around your BLOG! It’s not just about web traffic and making sure your own all of your web content, but also that you are pushing your blog name and brand in the process. You can have all the traffic in the world, but if you can’t charge premium pricing and gain the loyalty of your readers, you are just “another blog” lost in the mix.

As we head into 2014, be sure to add a plan of attack to build your PERSONAL and BLOG BRAND in the new year!

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