The Simplest Way to Become A Better Blogger

Bloggers are like cars. We need fuel and regular maintenance to ensure we’re at top shape and continue producing posts that are going to inform and inspire readers.

To become a better blogger, you need to look at yourself like a car.

Just like cars, we also experience problems. One day we’re running smoothly and the next we find ourselves unable to run. There will be times when we’re stuck and can’t shift to the next gear. Or we overheat and abruptly halt.

If you’re planning to become a full-time blogger and want to understand the amount of work and commitment required in this job, think about how you take care of your car.

want to become a better blogger?You need fuel.

Cars can’t run without fuel. It’s very important that you gas up all the time. As much as possible, your tank should always be at least half full so you can go far and not worry about anything. Before you hit the road, this is one of the first things you check. Once you’re en route to your destination, this is still what you’re thinking of.

You won’t reach your destination without fuel.

We need fuel to keep cranking out amazing posts that inspire and change the lives of readers. No matter how many deadlines you have, it’s possible to accomplish all without breaking a sweat as long as your tank is full. But what is a blogger’s fuel?

Is it talent? Skill? Wide vocabulary?

No, these are not it. They’re important but they won’t keep you going.

Experience life to become a better blogger

What you need is experience. You have to experience life and get inspired to keep on blogging.

Your technical skills, grasp of the topic, and writing techniques won’t matter much when you’re not inspired. Inspiration happens when you’ve lived each day. These will help you become a better blogger.

Ever experienced burn-out? For many, this is also considered writers’ block.

I believe this is what happens when you’ve neglected living. Think back to the last time you’ve found it excruciatingly difficult to write something. Most of the time, you know what you want to write. You understand the topic enough and already have the outline of the post. However, for some reason, you can’t translate the thoughts in your head into words.

You can’t write not because you don’t know what to write but because you’ve become too focused on what you need to do that you forgot to take it easy and slow down.

Opening your mind to the world makes you become a better blogger

When you slow down, you open your mind to the rest of the world. You expose your senses to everything around you and that helps inspiration. Once you’re inspired, that’s when things fall into place. You’ll start to write continuously. Your mind will start to match thoughts with the right words and command your fingers to start typing or writing.

Slowing down and allowing yourself to relax and focus your mind in something else will help you write better and faster.

Why? It’s because it’s easy to get inspired when your mind is free from worries (like beating a deadline and producing an article your editor will love). By letting go of all thoughts, your mind becomes a canvas ready to get painted.

It doesn’t matter if your mind is tired from doing other work. Some think that they can’t write if their brains are exhausted from other tasks. On the contrary, the brain welcomes creativity a lot better when it’s tired. So don’t worry about not being able to write something.

All you need to do is take things slow, breathe, and enjoy. Live a little. Turn away from the laptop and watch your favorite TV show. Grab that book you haven’t finished and fix some snack. Go outside and jog or bike or walk around your neighborhood.

Simple things that will help you become a better blogger

Slow down. Stop. Pick up a flower and smell it.

Get your bike. Put on your running shoes. Take your dog out.

Make some coffee. Open a bag of chips. Turn on the TV or leaf through the pages of a magazine.

Call some friends. Catch up. Take them out to lunch. Exchange stories and laugh hard.

In other words, live. Don’t just coast through the day. Live it.

These little things add to your experience and keep you inspired.

These are what fuels bloggers and other creative people and help them do a good job every time without spending hours or exerting too much effort.

If you want to become a better blogger, make sure to not neglect enjoying life’s pleasures. Remember, slow down and experience life. These experiences will give you exactly what you need to write something awesome.


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