Taking Care of Your Body as a Blogger

When you first start blogging professionally, you might celebrate your newfound freedom from traditional work schedules, long commutes, and office hierarchies. However, you will need to monitor your health closely, since bloggers can quickly develop poor health habits that can come back and haunt them later in life. Blogging is generally a sedentary activity, unless you’ve rigged your computer up to a fancy treadmill or stationary bicycle mount. Here are four ways you can keep your health in check while blogging into the wee hours.

Get a Standing Desk

The human body wasn’t designed to fold itself into a 90-degree angle for the majority of the day. Back and shoulder pain often stems from incorrect posture at the desk. Placing your legs at strange angles underneath your desk while you sit can lead to muscle cramps. Standing desks can help correct some of the unnatural postures that we adopt throughout the day, while we use our computer to blog. You can find commercial standing desks with adjustable surfaces, so that you can quickly convert your workspace between sitting and standing formations. Creative individuals will sometimes build their own standing desks with shelves and home improvement parts.

Invest in Ergonomic Accessories

So many office workers suffer from repetitive stress injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome. These issues can lead to crippling pain and prevent you from doing basic tasks at work and home. If you start to experience pain consistently while blogging, take a break, assess the situation, and change your environment. If your wrists seem to be collapsing onto the keyboard, purchase a wrist support to prevent injuries such as cubital tunnel or carpal tunnel. Some people will even experience tennis elbow injury symptoms from holding a phone against their head for long periods. Purchasing a hands-free telephone headset can alleviate this repetitive stress injury.

Take Breaks

Long periods of blogging can pose major health risks. Sitting for long periods can affect your circulation, and being still for multiple hours increases your risk for forming deadly blood clots. Get up and stretch every 30-40 minutes, and take a quick walk around the room. You might want to go outside for a breath of fresh air. The idea is to kick start your circulation and stretch out you muscles, preventing cramps. Small breaks can help you reset your concentration and help you get some inspiration for an upcoming blog post!


You might not feel it right now, but holding a stationary position while blogging can cause deep tension in your shoulders, neck, arms, and legs. Incorporate a stretching regiment to remain limber throughout the day and to prevent painful cramping. Muscles that remain tense for too long can lead to other issues down the road, as your body tries to adjust around the pain. Tight muscles can lead to tendonitis or repetitive stress injuries in other parts of your body.

Download a stretching app for your mobile phone or follow along with a short stretching video. You want to target as many body parts as possible. Set a time for 10-15 minutes. Stretching can reduce or alleviate existing aches and pains. Make stretching a part of your daily schedule, so that you can stay in tune with your body’s needs.

Blogging professionally can be an extremely rewarding lifestyle, so long as you treat your body right. You might need some time to get adjusted to a home office or alternate workspace. Pay attention to aches and pains as they arise, and respond accordingly. Invest in ergonomic work supplies, drink water, stretch, and take breaks to maintain your concentration and craft successful blog posts!

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