Bring Excitement to Your Blog with Controversy

When is the last time you clicked a “Tweet” or “Like” button on a blog post that you were reading? There is a good chance it was recently since we are all mostly bloggers and active in social media. The majority of stuff that we share is usually blogging related… but think about the average internet user for a minute. What type of stuff are they sharing? It’s usually hot trends, news and controversial topics.

Today we are going to focus on CONTROVERSY!

This one word is one of the best ways to bring attention, new readers and viral traffic to your blog. There is no better way to gain an audience then by making them angry, causing a discussion and saying what other people are afraid to says.

The good news is that controversy can be used in nearly any niche.

  • Using Controversy in Blog Postswho is going to win the NBA title this year?
  • did that political candidate really deserve to win?
  • _________ is the worst movie ever!
  • bloggers will never make money online!

I write for many different blogs and on a wide range of topics. Some of the best stuff I write are on time sensitive issues that contain controversy.

However with writing about controversy… comes controversy!

Here are some tips you should consider before your next controversial post.

  • Make sure you get the facts right!
    It’s one thing to write a controversial post that gets a lot of attention, but it’s a whole other story if you are writing something that is incorrect! When I write posts that have controversy or points out another company, brand or person, I like to make sure I note the sources for each edgy statement that is made.
  • Have a Thick Skin
    No one said blogging was supposed to be easy. You are putting yourself out there and you need to be ready to defend yourself, get attacked or have a ton of controversial comments and backlinks going on at your site.
  • Only Write What You Believe In
    This one can also get mixed in with your fact checking. There is nothing wrong with writing about something in the news that a lot of people might not agree with, and there is nothing wrong with including your own opinion and thoughts. At the same time it’s important to remember that what is on your blog also represents what people think of your brand and company.

Content is king, and when you content is controversy, you may have an empire on your hands.

Mix things up and see what you can write about to bring some controversy to your blog!

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