Graphic Tasks to Outsource (And Save More Time and Energy)

Graphics is one of the best time wasters in the internet world.

It takes a lot of time and energy, to learn how to do it and then doing the graphics. It’s really one of the big distractions that you need to avoid to get the most out of your time.

This is another addition to our series, I hope you’ll like it.

Note: There are a lot of questions in the comments, I really mark them and I’ll be posting about them soon after I finish some of the tasks you could outsource. Add more and I’ll write about all these soon. So keep asking and commenting.

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Why to outsource graphic tasks?

Many love doing this tasks themselves, but they should stop doing so, here’s why:

  1. It takes you a lot of time to learn how to create good one.
  2. You spend more time doing the graphics, after you learned how to do it.
  3. After that, you won’t be able to get a better one than others who are specialized in this area.

To sum it all, You won’t pay a lot of money + you won’t be able to get it that good + you free yourself from the hustle.

That’s why it’s a no-brainier that you won’t outsource it. So, start outsourcing your graphic tasks.

Let’s start with the tasks you could outsource.

1. Designing logos:

Having a great logo is essential to have a great brand.

That’s why paying few dollars to get a great one is a great idea.

Don’t waste more time with a logo that don’t define what you do and start standing from the crowd.

2. Designing icons and banners:

You could have a great icon to use as a favicon, or you could create icons for other reasons.

Also, banners are important, if you think about advertising or if you want to create a banner on your blog.

You really need those.

3. Designing infographics:

Creating infographics is the trending topic in marketing your blog nowadays.

It’s really an effective way to market your blog.

As Neil Patel says, it receives 30 times more  page views than a standard text-based blog post.

He continue saying:

“Yes. It performs that much better than a blog post. Even if you nail the title. Even if you write really interesting and useful content.

Why? Simple…

Because internet users are lazy, and it takes much more effort to READ a blog post, than it takes to LOOK at a visually appealing infographic.”

Yes, it’s that effective. Do it right with having a great design could get your more traffic and make you of course more revenue.

Last words:

Start outsourcing your graphic designs.

I’m sure you’re going to thank me for that.

And as I said in the beginning, keep asking, I’ll post about all your questions soon, so continue asking.

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