Nailing Down Your Blog Newsletter

One of the best ways to get the word out on your blog is through a newsletter. There are several different ways to get one of these started and these handy tips can act as a template to get you moving in the right direction.                  

Picking the right company

You’ll need to start off on the right foot and that means choosing a company that can do a few different things like help you send many emails without getting tagged for spamming. You also need to find a place that understands how to make fast and easy templates and have some decent analytics to boot. MailChimp and Campaign Monitor are the industry leaders and the latter even has an interesting feature whereby you can see who has been opening the mail you send.

Narrow down what you’re trying to do

Having everything ready to go is one of the most critical aspects of starting a good newsletter and that generally means being aware of what you’re putting one into play for. When you’re a business owner, you need to ask yourself a few questions like if you’re going to publish only when there’s a new line or product, or whether the newsletter will be a regular part of updating clients or readers on the general goings on with your company or blog.

Deciding on the tone is another important consideration. It’s best to write like you were speaking to your readers/customers because a friendly, relaxed tone is the best way to keep people opening the newsletters you send them.

Stay focused

If you want to turn readers away, throw everything possible into the content you create. Newsletters are at their worst when they have too many links and look and read like a catalogue rather than an attempt to communicate. Staying focused means taking a few moments to decide on what you want to say and keeping the list as narrow as possible. You can lose the conversational tone quickly when you start stuffing information into the text until it’s crammed full.

Pay attention to headers

Keep in mind, the rules for writing great content apply to newsletters too and that means you need to have the right tools to break up the text. Bullet points might not be the best for these confined spaces and that’s the reason you need to write specially focused headers.

You need to entice the reader to continue on with an effective header so you should take the time to run through a few drafts. Subheaders break the text up visually and make it easier to read.

Finally, you can have some fun with a newsletter and add some personality and graphics that are eye-catching, but don’t go too far overboard so the message gets buried and overwhelmed.

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