Is Google PageRank Dead?

PageRank was at one time a huge deal and many people still put a lot of value in their sites number… but PageRank is quickly dying. I’ve always been a big fan of page rank, but I can definitely live without it. The reason is that there are now so many other site variation factors such as Moz Rank and Domain Authority which are now looked at as being more valuable.

Another reason why PageRank might be on it’s way out is because Matt Cutts and the Google team don’t seem to put as much care into this area either.

Zac Johnson Matt Cutts

While at PubCon in Las Vegas this week I was able to catch up with Matt and he also filled everyone in during his keynote that there won’t be anymore PankRank updates for the rest of the year.

Bad News for PageRank Fans

Search Engine Watch had the following to say:

For PageRank devotees, there is some bad news. PageRank is updated internally within Google on a daily basis and every three months or so, they would push out that information to the Google toolbar so it would be visible to webmasters. Unfortunately, the pipeline they used to push the data to the toolbar broke and Google does not have anyone working on fixing it. As a result, Cutts said we shouldn’t expect to see any PageRank updates anytime soon–not anytime this year. He doesn’t know if they will fix it, but they are going to judge the impact of not updating it. The speculation that PageRank could be retired is not that far off from the truth, as it currently stands.

So it looks like only time will tell on the future of Google Pagerank. This is bad news for anyone with a PageRank of 6 or higher… as these numbers can give quite the increase in value and interest for a site… but as mentioned earlier, their are so many ways to track web sites and blogs outside of just PageRank, so it might not be that big of a deal at the end of the day anyway.

What are your thoughts on the potential loss of PageRank and no more updates for the rest of the year?

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