Catastrophic Blogger Mistakes You Must Never Do Again

You may have already read, in different blogs, about the common blogger mistakes you must avoid. These include how to not write a post and rules in structure and optimization.

But for beginners, it’s alright to make these mistakes. Even experienced bloggers find themselves unknowingly falling into some of these traps. What I’ve learned is that you shouldn’t give yourself a hard time when you realize you’ve committed these mistakes and that it’s important to try your best to not do them again.

blogger mistakes that will cause you to failHowever, still, there are catastrophic blogger mistakes many of us keep on doing time and time again. Even I do them several times. They’re so bad they can have tremendous effect on your blogging career.

Here are examples of blogger mistakes you must avoid:

Readers MUST like your post

Obviously you want readers to fall in love with your post. Getting lots of hits, likes, comments, and shares is the measure of how successful your work is but if you start writing thinking that people MUST go crazy for it can work against you.

This will affect  how you write. You won’t get through one paragraph without going back several times to delete and replace something or discard an idea because you’re thinking “people might not like this.”

You’ll end up spending more time filtering ideas and revising your work even when it’s not yet done.

It’s like trying to please an overachieving parent. The effort isn’t always enough and results can be devastating.

Reading too much success stories of other bloggers

I like reading success stories because it tells me that it can be done–no matter what the circumstances are. If they can do it, then everybody else can.

But this has a negative effect. If you become too engrossed in their stories, you might end up comparing yourself to them and everything you do will be patterned after them. And when you don’t get the same results, you’ll end up frustrated.

While it’s helpful to use their stories as guide for your blogging career, know that what worked for them will work for you. Use them as inspiration, not someone to mimic.

Banking solely on talent

Many people are talented writers but it doesn’t guarantee success. I’ve come across people who want to blog but didn’t want to take the first steps because they feel they don’t have the talent.

It’s foolish to think that way. Anyone can blog. You can, too, even if you’re not the most talented writer. There are lots of resources that will help you become a successful blogger.

Passion and the willingness to learn will always trump talent.

Writing without passion

Henri of the  WakeUpCloud is the perfect example of becoming successful by following one’s passion. I’ve learned a lot from reading his blog–not just in writing but also in changing your perspective.

When you blog, don’t just write about something because you’ll make money from it. It’s better to write out of passion. Don’t think about what you’ll earn yet because, ironically, by not thinking about money when you write, you’ll end up making more.

Write about something you’re passionate  in. When you do that, you’ll create something wonderful and inspiring that people will like. When that happens, readers will make it viral and/or heed your call to action, be it buy something or sign up to your list.

Getting too laxed

Networking and continuous learning are the name of the game. Don’t get contented with landing one regular client. You’ll never know when that ends, plus, it’s better to always improve. That will make you a better (and more profitable) blogger.

So go out of your way to meet other bloggers and be on the lookout for seminars. If you don’t have a lot of time, search for materials online. There are lots of blogging resources that’ll teach you something new like SEO writing, productivity hacks, networking, etc.

So there you have it, 5 blogger mistakes that can affect your career. Are you making one of these? It’s time to make a change and start thinking about your future as a blogger.

Got comments, questions, or suggestions? Let me know in the comments below. You’re also welcome to share your stories so we can learn from your experience.

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