Matthew Woodward’s Secrets to Building a Top 100 Blog

Matthew Woodward has quickly become a well known and authority name in the affiliate marketing and blogging space. In just a few short years he was able to take his blog from a simple basic WordPress installation to one of the top 100 blogs in his niche. This of course was no easy task and during the process Matthew has been racking up blog awards and new readers for his blog left and right.

So what makes Matthew’s blog any better or different from the billions of other blogs on the internet? Well that is what we are going to be discussing in this post.

Since Woodward’s blog is in the same niche market as mine, I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating quality content and building a name brand for yourself in the process.

Matthew Woodward Blog

If you want to learn more about Matthew Woodward and his full story, you can do so from our interview with him a few months ago.

On to the tips!

#1 – Be Really Good at Something People Need!

While some may try to be the Jack of All Trades… you will like ending up becoming the Master of None. Once you become the master, then you are looked at as an authority figure at are the top individual in your niche. When Matthew first started making money online he did it through SEO and ever since then he’s just been getting better and better. Using these same talents and what he has learned in the money making process he’s been able to turn into a powerhouse site.

Managing a fleet of websites including everything from identifying emerging markets, designing websites and taking them to the #1 spot in Google has taught me a lot. What I realized is that I’m not leveraging my most valuable asset, my own personal knowledge and experience.

#2 – Enjoy What You Do

Matthew-Woodward-InterviewIt’s always easy for successful people to say “Enjoy what you do and you will never work another day in your life!“… sure, it’s that easy when you are already rich! However I want to throw in that I live by these same rules. When I write for and, I actually enjoy writing and I know what I’m doing. When you write about what you know, it’s that much easier and comes out that much better. Matthew runs by these same principles and you can see it in his content and writing.

#3 – Write Awesome Blog Content

This is where Matthew’s blog really stands out. If you ever spent the time to look through his blog posts you will notice that many of them are very long and in great detail. You can also see this in the interview we did with him, it’s quite long! The longer and better the content, usually the more value and Google will also love you for it.

#4 – Monthly Revenue Reports

Everyone loves to know how much people are making online and when you provide detailed monthly revenue reports they will love you that much more. I can speak first hand on this because that’s exactly what I did when I launched and kicked it off with a 12 month revenue case study. Matthew is still reporting revenue and earnings each month in addition to writing monthly revenue recaps of various others blogs who report income in our affiliate marketing and blogging niche as well.


#5 – Rack Up Awards and Spread the Word

As mentioned earlier, Matthew has racked up a nice amount of awards from some from top marketing blogs around the internet lately. With the combination of quality content and that grabs attention and provides extreme value, you might be in the running for some of these awards in the future as well. You can see them each featured below.

  • Technorati Top 100 Business Blog July 2013
  • The Best Of Search Engine Journal 2012
  • ProBlogger One To Watch 2013
  • Unbounce Top 75 Internet Marketing Blogs


How to Create a Killer Blog and Get Noticed

If you look at any of the authority blogs on the internet you will usually see a common theme among them. Their content is usually amazing, they are blogs that you would actually want to read and they have original designs with a brandable name attached to it. Matthew also has all of these features within his blog as well.

Be sure to check out for more amazing content and how you can become an authority blogger in your niche.

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Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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