How to Spin One Topic into Six Blog Posts

By Raubi Perilli | Blogging

Oct 11

Consistently coming up with new ideas for blog posts can get old fast. But that doesn’t have to be the case if you know how to use connection hooks to spin one idea into six different blog posts. Here’s how.

Pick out a topic, which could be a keyword or an idea or a phrase. Then tie it into one of the following hooks to help steer you in a new direction.

Here are three blog genres and topic ideas to show how you can use connection hooks to spin one idea into it six unique blog posts.

  • Gardening Blog with Topic Idea: Fall/Autumn
  • Travel Blog with Topic Idea: Traveling with Kids
  • Budget Finance Blog with Topic Idea: Cell Phones

1. Teach Readers about It – Educational Hook

Look at your topic idea and figure out how you can frame it so that you can teach your audience something about it.

Give a tutorial or how to. Research the history of a topic and give the full details. Whatever you do, make sure that it isn’t a basic, top-level look at something. Make sure it is thorough and detailed enough to engage your audience.

  • Gardening Blog: How to Close Up Your Garden at Season’s End
  • Travel Blog: How to Pack for a Beach Vacation with Toddlers
  • Budget Finance Blog: A Step by Step Guide on How to Read the Fine Print of Your Phone Bill

2. Tell Readers How It Relates to the News – Topical Hook

Find a way to tie your topic to a trending topic in the news in order to peak the attention of your audience.

Audiences love this because when a trending topic is fresh in their mind, they like to see how it relates to something else they care about.

  • Gardening Blog: Do Professional Football Fields Have Gardeners?
  • Travel Blog: 12 Ways to Use the iPhone iOS7 to Educate Your Kids On Vacation
  • Budget Finance Blog: Does the iOS7 Mean It’s Time to Upgrade Your iPhone?

3. Tell Readers How It Relates to Something Totally Different – Fresh Spin Hook

We already know that topics get old fast, so find a way to revive your topic by connecting it to a concept that is completely unrelated.

Mash-up your topic with something that is novel or related to pop culture or nostalgic, and most audience will tune it just to see how you made your message work. You get added interest if you tie your topic to an unrelated topic that you know your audience also enjoys.

  • Gardening Blog: Garlic and 6 Other Things to Grow In Your Garden to Keep Our Ghouls
  • Travel Blog: 7 Ninja Skills That Will Help You Survive a Long Car Ride With Kids
  • Budget Finance Blog: 5 Small and Cheap Cell Phones Zack Morris Wish He Had

4. Tell Readers How It Relates DIRECTLY to Them – Self Interest Hook

Readers love to find content that leaves them saying, “that is SO me.” Think about the times that you share something on social networks. It is usually when you find something that you can deeply identify with.

So give your reader the same feeling. Connect your topic to something that they can relate to in order to interest them in your story.

  • Gardening Blog: What Your Favorite Fall Flower Says About You
  • Travel Blog: Which Fictional Family Vacation Looks the Most Like Yours?
  • Budget Finance Blog: What Type of Cell Phone User Are You? (And How It Affects Your Phone Bill)

5. Tell Readers a Story – Storytelling Hook

Storytelling is at the root of good content so take your topic and find a way to share it through a story. Share a situation that you or someone you know experienced. Or provide a case study that relates to your topic.

Whatever you do, just make sure that the story has more than a beginning, middle, and end. In blog writing, everything must have a message. So don’t share a story just for the sake of telling. Only share a story if it has messages, key takeaways, and tips that will give the reader something tangible to walk away with.

  • Gardening Blog: The First Time I Grew a Great Pumpkin
  • Travel Blog: The First Time I Flew with an Infant
  • Budget Finance Blog: How I Cut My Cell Phone Bill By 20% (and You Can Too)

6. Tell Readers Where They Can Learn More – Curation Hook

If you have already covered your topic in a variety of ways, it is likely that other publications have done the same. So let them do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Rather than create an entire new post, curate a post by collecting resources that other sites have posted and compile it into one list where readers can find everything they want in one simple location.

  • Gardening Blog: 21 of the Biggest Fall Gourds Ever Grown
  • Travel Blog: 16 Places Every Kid Must See Before 16
  • Budget Finance Blog: 10 of the Best (and Worst) Cell Phone Providers

So stop stressing when trying to come up with new blog post ideas. Settle on one topic and spin it into six posts and get the most out of your work.

About the Author

Raubi Marie Perilli loves helping freelancers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs build platforms around their passions. She is the founder of Simply Stated Media and regularly writes about community building, writing, and marketing. Learn more by following her on Twitter or get free help on building or supporting your platform by joining the Simply Stated Workshop.

anastris October 11, 2013

Hi, Raubi nice share and info for me
sometimes very difficult to choose a solid topic for my next blog post, very good tips i think 😀

    Raubi Perilli October 14, 2013

    Hi Anastris, I’m happy to hear you got some new ideas on how to come up with your next blog post. Let me know how it goes!

Ryan Biddulph October 11, 2013

Hi Raudi,

Super tips.

The storytelling hook is my fave.

Comes easy to me.

Weave a story into each post.

Draw in readers.

Re-purpose content.

Flat out make your job easier.

Thanks for sharing!

    Raubi Perilli October 14, 2013

    Hi Ryan, I like the storytelling hook too. Most great content comes from a story — just as long as the story has a message.

Joe Hart October 12, 2013

Thanks for this clean explanation.I really like the story telling hook.I think it will make a fine impact on the reader if something they relate to is in the content.

Jr R Nahan October 12, 2013

This post very informative and helpful. This is a great idea for bloggers, and I think this great idea is an absolutely ‘must-have’ for any bloggers.
Thanks for sharing, Raubi.
Best wishes for your success!

Ajit Tiwari October 12, 2013

Hey Raubi,
Really a great post, this post has clicked an spark in my idea as when ever i will feel bore or lazy. its the best way to come up with a article as most of my research is already done on my previous just i need is to extend it a bit and complete the post……

Gona try in this manner…..

Joanne October 12, 2013

Spinning an article is a great help for bloggers. It’ll relieve them from the burdens and pressure of making new contents everyday.

Among the 6 presented ideas, the Fresh Spin Hook is interesting yet it seems risky. The blogger may catch the readers’ attention because of the appealing title and because you incorporate the topic to something they are interested with. Still, how you deliver your content in connection to the unrelated concept is the challenge. But if one used it effectively then surely the readers will enjoy the content.

Great post, Raubi! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    Raubi Perilli October 14, 2013

    Hi Joanne, thanks for the read and the comment. Fresh spin is a hook that does take a little finesse. It can be easy to get caught up in trying to make something clever or witty and forget that you also have to teach and/or entertain the reader to make it work. I hope this post helps you create some awesome content for your blog!

Martin Messier October 12, 2013


I’ve read posts similar to this one before but I loved your post for two reasons:
1. You don’t advoacte reahshing the same content. The formats you offer complement and deepen one another. It reminded me of the Matrix strategy of telling the story across different media.
2. You both gave me a way to create new original content and also to piggyback on current trends and news.
Thank you for sharing! I’ll be looking out for your pieces in the future.

    Raubi Perilli October 18, 2013

    Hi Martin, thanks for the comment. It’s true that you can spin content to use a topic in multiple ways but only if it adds a different value or perspective. Let me know how this works for you the next time you write a post.

Arun Kallarackal October 13, 2013

Hi, many times I face the problem of shortage of topics to blog about. This article will surely help me avoid it :) Thanks!

codeD incantation October 16, 2013

i think i learned a lot from this article. I didn’t know there are lots of ways to spin topics.
Hope I could apply it to my blog soon.
Gonna bookmark this.

Alicia October 16, 2013

Raubi, I like that you do this with your own posts. For example, Do you have four more for us?

    Raubi Perilli October 18, 2013

    Thanks for reading this Alicia! You always do a great job with adding these to your posts as well. I have a few more ideas for hooks that I’m tossing around… you will have to wait and see! :)

Sebastian October 27, 2013

This really helps in keeping your readers engage by having a variety of topics when blogging. It’s good to mix the story, with personal information with lessons, etc.

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