25 Ways To Build Effective Quality Back Links


You can find a fairly comprehensive list of link building strategies to create backlinks or links to your site. Many experts care to share them in a more summarized and organized way by level of effectiveness to serve as reference.

Make sure you follow high impact techniques:

  1. Create a blog to your web project. Blogs can get lots of inbound links if you publish updated content , fresh and ongoing .
  2. Create an RSS Feed. If you create a Feed Burner feed on sites like links arrive alone, you just have to write.
  3. Internal links. Having a good internal linking structure link juice favors to flow through our site and thus increases the Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 11.47.40 PMeffectiveness of the links.
  4. Banners. Create banners to facilitate links to your web project, of all sizes and formats in order to accommodate everyone. Who knows? Maybe someone sympathizes with you.
  5. Post good, original content. This is not a technique itself, but this will get links, maybe not so fast, but links may be made ​​of high quality links.
  6. Relationship with other webmasters and bloggers. If you relate to other webmasters or bloggers will link you may not ask them also have new friends?
  7. Business Directories. Directories of companies indexed companies, local or area, usually your links have a lot of weight, but it all depends on the directory in question, although it is not all right to send a blog to one of these directories.
  8. Post as a guest. Try that one influential blogger allows you to post to your blog a relevant article, own original, perhaps for that you must earn your trust and remember, do not go overboard getting links.
  9. Exchange items. Swap items with other bloggers, like publication as a guest, but with exchange. This is not like a reciprocal link, as the link is justified and in content.
  10. Video tutorial. If you create a tutorial or manual and upload it somewhere this subject maybe you can leave your link or links.
  11. Interact with the community. If you interact with the community being useful community links will give without asking and possibly very good in a disinterested way.
  12. Invite bloggers major publication on your website. If you get some important blogger write on your blog or website, the possibly you would link from their website, this is a quality link.
  13. Participate in events. Participates in all events you can online and offline, offer your help and can you get someone to link you or talk to you .
  14. Create a tool or free software. If you create a software tool or free and useful the more users use your tools, also bind and therefore can redirect traffic to your site.
  15. Create microsites. The microsites or micro niches of your theme can bring you unique links, but beware wheels link wheels links or black hat tactics are considered.
  16. Twitter. This social network is one that can bring you more links, if you share viral content; it is possible to quickly become popular.
  17. Choose the right place. Do not create a single backlink just for the fun to create it, without having chosen a site with a good PageRank that this related to the theme or content of our website. Please note that the value of a link is determined, a high percentage, the relationship between the source site and the destination site.
  18. Analyze. It is also important that the chosen site doesn’t lodge an excessive number of external links; this may not favor us at all. If you consider that the site chosen is a big cake and you distribute it among many, less the portion that touches you, in other words, the larger the amount of backlinks that a website hosts, the less likely you are to receive the precious link to yours.
  19. Choose anchor text (or anchor text) clearly identify that it is your backlink. The anchor text is just the visible text of a link or link, which usually is composed of keywords to search engines to facilitate the detection of a relevant link to a website that deals with a subject or related content those chosen keywords.
  20. Use the resources that will provide the various social bookmarking. Social bookmarking allows you to store, classify and share links, in an online platform, where the content is generated by users themselves, you can share with your friends, by email and your social networks your best links stored in these markers.
  21. Share quality contents without neglecting the keywords in the internal SEO. It is very frustrating for visitors of a website, find content that may not be related or not to develop the topic you are seeking. It is very important to optimize your content, depending on the development of those keywords.
  22. Be careful not to write and repeat those keywords everywhere and without any sense, this can result in very bad taste for the visitor, considering that does not meet the expectations generated by clicking on your backlink and will echo the same.
  23. Article directories. Usually blogs that accept articles are invited en masse. Don’t go overboard with the links. Sites like Squidoo fall into this category.
  24. Create info-graphics. Yes, info graphics are those drawn diagrams representing the information very well, if you create one, you can put a link to computer graphics when it published on websites or blogs of others.
  25. Write and comment on other blogs. Identify blogs in your same niche, interacting and commenting actively and regularly, remember that content is king, so be sure that your interventions contribute something of value and be profitable. This will help you establish relationships with others who share your same interest and generate more traffic to your site.

Remember to follow the above tips. Create quality and relevant backlinks so you can achieve a better position in no time.  Average impact techniques will bring many benefits.  Spot the best directories and get going. There are many directories with different themes, if your project fits into a particular theme or niche can get links and your website or blog. As a final note, Yahoo Answers can help you create links. No matter what, don’t forget that extremes aren’t good, and you can also be penalized. While there are many other ways to create links, possibilities are endless and it is the right time to begin.  Check out my post 20 ways to make money online.

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