The Profile of a Modern Travel Blogger

The other day I was talking about the benefits of being a travel blogger. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a travel blogger it’s something that you can actually start and do part time.

Not many of us have jobs that allow you to pursue being a travel blogger full time, but there’s no reason why you can’t start a travel blog on the side or even as just a hobby. The majority of us go on vacation once or twice a year, so why not start blogging about it and reaping the benefits in the process?

Let’s take a look at some demographics on who today’s modern day travel blogger really is…

  • Nearly 60% of all surveyed travel bloggers aged over 41 years of age are male.
  • More than half of all surveyed travel bloggers aged 18-30 are female.
  • If you were to stop a travel blogger on the street and search through their bags, what would you find on them? 100% have a camera, 98% with a mobile phone, 85% with a laptop and 40% with a tablet device.
  • The most commonly visited locations by travel bloggers are Great Britain, USA, Italy, France, Australia and China.
  • 80% of travel bloggers who write online use WordPress as their platform of choice. 90% of travel bloggers write on their travel blog at least once per week.
  • 60% of the travel bloggers in the world claim to have more then one travel blog.

Modern Day Travel Blogger


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