Top 5 Ways to Do Keyword Research

Providing quality and unique content for your website has to be coupled with the right keywords. Using the right keywords targetsTop 5 Ways to Do Keyword Research the right viewers. With keyword research, you can achieve maximum exposure on various search engines. This is primarily one of the reasons why keyword research is a must for SEO. To optimize your SEO efforts, you have to effectively use keyword research to your advantage. How do you go about that?


Identify the Search Term Length

The length of any search term can is one aspect that you have to consider in doing keyword research. Knowing the relevant number of words to be used affects traffic quality. For instance if you are using one or two keywords, these short search terms get more traffic but with lower quality unlike three or more keywords. Long search terms usually get lesser traffic but they can have higher quality. In fact, 70% of online searches can be attributed to long search terms. The rationale behind this is the fact that users know what exactly they are looking for. To achieve quality traffic, you need to work on long tail keyword research instead of having general keywords.


Actual Content of the Search Term

Now that you have some idea when it comes to the length of the terms, you now have to focus on the actual contentof the search term. In using certain words like cheap, deliver, prices, compare, review, best, etc., you get to improve traffic quality. When doing keyword research, always be in the position of your target audience.


Keyword Research Test

The next thing that you have to do is to test the keywords based on keyword metrics. Keep in mind that there are several scoring systems. But one important thing that you should keep in mind is that you have to run keyword tests based on the following criteria:  keyword ranks, rank position where there is opportunity for traffic growth, anchor links matches, etc.


Use of Keyword Research Tools

To make things easier, you can actually use a keyword tool to help you pertinent details when it comes to the specific keywords that are used in online searches. For instance, if you are going to use Google’s keyword tool, you get to see the average search volume per month. These data would include both local and global searches. By using keyword tools, you get to target the right keywords based on actual behavior and actual keywords used. Some of the best keyword tools include Keyword spy, SpyFu and a whole lot more.


The Importance of Analytics

Part of your keyword research is to assess and evaluate what specific keywords are working and what are not. The best way for you do that is through the use of Analytics  All content management system tools have their own modules/plugins that can enable you to view the data and other figures pertaining to your website’s ranking and performance. With the use of analytic  you can easily see if all of the keywords actually work.

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