Simple Tips to Enhance Creativity in Blogging

When you’re aiming for a successful blog, you’ll have euphoric, high-traffic days and mind-numbingly slow ones. It’s not hard to get burnt out when you’re writing professionally.

Once you begin to drop the ball on attention-grabbing content, your audience will notice. Developing creative blogging exercises can keep your content fresh and engaging.

Everyone has his own way of finding inspiration; the key is to identify the spaces and practices that get you motivated, and harness this power to generate great blog articles.

Grab some space

It’s all too easy to get sucked into Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media. At this point, you’re living a responsive lifestyle, and scrambling to reply to the last status update or private message you received.

Taking breaks from the deluge of activity is crucial to your creative life. Detox by unplugging your router or switching off your television. Do you really need a constant Internet connection to write your next article? Why not gather your required materials and do some writing at a park or other scenic location?

Some writers take up pacing or long walks. Think this sounds silly? According to researchers, writers like Blake, Wordsworth, and Rousseau used walking to stimulate their thinking and philosophical works.

If you’re truly stuck for good blog article ideas, untangle yourself from your office desk, straighten out your posture, and go for a long stroll. This can give your body the chance to stretch, increase your blood flow, and help you move away from other issues and distractions, at least for a while.

Keep lists and diaries

It’s impossible to tell when inspiration will strike. You may be riding along in the bus and staring out a window when you come up with a genius blog idea.

An idea may come to you in an extremely inopportune moment, such as when you’re sitting in a dark movie theater. It’s crucial to jot down the idea right away, if you possibly can, before you lose it to other thoughts and distractions.

At the end of your day, write out a brief diary entry. As you chronicle events, new perspectives and ideas may occur to you, and serve as the foundation for a great blog article.

Carry a miniature notebook or create a list on your phone. This doesn’t have to be a formal exercise, so play around with different formats.

Page lines can hamper some people’s train of thought, since these slight markers might subconsciously discourage you from being creative. When an idea strikes, try to write at least a paragraph, rather than a phrase.

Often, we’ll jot down a few words to remind us of the idea. But a few words can become indecipherable later in the week, leaving you to stare blankly at that vague phrase.

Get some specificity into your list. Think about how you want the audience to feel, what type of supporting evidence you’d like to use, and where you’ll advertise the article.

Take care of yourself

Neglected health can sap your energy, leaving you exhausted and bereft of good blog ideas. Some basic diet and exercise maintenance can do wonders for your metabolism and awareness, and help to jump-start your creative process.

If you can learn to regulate your health, then energy depressions, cravings, cramps, and pain will be less likely to interrupt your writing. Physical activity can clear your mind and boost your mood.

Bloggers can suffer from long periods of inactivity, leading to muscle cramps and writer’s block. Switching away from junk foods and large doses of caffeine can help you maintain steady energy and blood sugar levels.

Creativity can be disrupted by poor physical and mental habits, so it’s important to schedule time for new environments, stretches, walks, and wellness. Remain open to new ideas and jot them down right away.

These practices can help you pinpoint the activities that bring out your creativity, enabling you to write your most innovative blog content.

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