10 Successful Blogging Tips You Can Learn from Popular Blogs

If you want to build a successful blog, you should know how to do it. If you want to catch lots of fish when you go fishing, you need toknow the secrets of effective fishing. Ideally, you should learn from some fishing masters in order to know exactly what you need to do when you fish. If you learn from the pros, it will give you more advantage in what you’re doing right now. It’s the same with blogging. If you learn from popular blogs about their secrets to success, you’ll be able to turn your blog into another successful blog. Here are 10 successful blogging tips you can learn from popular blogs:

1. Branding

First of all, in order to make your blog popular, you need to have strong branding for your blog. Without strong branding, you won’t be able to catch readers’ attention toward your blog. Also, strong branding will boost your reputation and authority in the blogosphere.

2. Design

Without appealing design, your visitors won’t read your blog for long. Why? That’s because they associate your blog design with professionalism. They want to learn some information from real expert, not from an amateur. And people will regard your blog as amateurish if it doesn’t have good design that is appealing to their eyes.

10 Successful Blogging Tips You Can Learn from Popular Blogs

3. Quality of content

Next will be the quality of content that you offer in your blog. People visit your blog because they want to read good content. No one visits any website just for the sake of visiting it. They want to learn something from your blog. So, the quality of your content must be excellent in order to make people want to visit your blog again.

4. Networking

Without strong networking, your blog will be stagnant and it will stop growing especially in today’s competitive market. That’s why you need to keep connecting your blog with other popular blogs in order to establish your reputation in your niche. Connect with as many blogs as possible in order to make your blog known by your audience.

5. Keeping visitors

You need to minimize your blog’s bounce rate because if you don’t do that you’ll fail at keeping your blog visitors. Your blog visitors need to be engaged with your blog and to do this, you need to make your blog interesting to them. You need to write about topics that will attract strong interest from your readers.

6. Smart promotion strategy

If you want to promote your product on your blog, you need to do it properly. That’s because promoting product in your blog is not the same as promoting product with a sales page. You need to talk with your blog visitors in a different way. Make your promotion a part of your blog content. In this way, you’ll promote your product in the softest way possible, which will ensure better result.

7. Monetization strategy

There are many options for you to monetize your blog. But, you have to make to monetize your blog only after you have high amount of traffic coming to your blog. If you haven’t got the traffic that you need, you should focus on delivering high quality content for your readers. Then, you can experiment with various monetization strategies that are available for your blog.

8. Enjoyment

You need to enjoy what you’re doing. You need to enjoy blogging in order to be successful in it. Without enjoyment and passion, your blog won’t get anywhere. If the blogger doesn’t enjoy writing for his own blog, then the readers won’t enjoy reading his blog.

9. Guest posting

Let people write guest post for your blog. In this way, you’ll save lots of time creating content. If you let other bloggers to promote their blog in your blog, then it means that you can keep updating your blog with fresh content without writing the content for yourself. Moreover, you’ll get high quality content because most bloggers will do their best to impress your blog audience to visit their blog after reading their guest post.

10. Focus

The last success tip for your blog is focus. You need to focus on your niche. You need to keep your focus in developing your blog until it becomes popular and successful. Without strong focus, your blog will wander without any purpose. And this is the exact recipe for failure.

Those are 10 successful blogging tips you can learn from popular blogs. If you see many popular blogs in various niches, you’ll understand that they are all applying those tips to make their blog successful. Now, it’s your turn to do the same.


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