5 Genius Ways To Launch Products Through Social Media

One of the best things about social media and marketing fragmentation is that you get to launch products and services for free or minimal amount (vs traditional TV ads and billboards). You get to be exposed with a wider worldwide audience.

Here are some brilliant ideas on how you can make a good entrée to the market using social media.

1. Facebook

Facebook Likes

With over a billion users worldwide (hundred million of which are from the United States), you have a larger than life audience that you can reach out to for the product you are introducing to the market.

In addition to releasing teaser photos, behind the scenes of creating the product and contests, you should also be focusing on creating a profile and fan page for your business, web site, blog and personal brand.

If you want to spread the word quickly, Facebook is the go-to platform.

2. Photo Contest

An inexpensive way to build buzz on your new product is through a photo contest. Bank on men’s innate love for pictures and sharing these.

You can use a Facebook app for this. Winners will be determined by way of popular votes. Don’t get surprised if you get thousands of entries, visits views and votes in a couple of days.

Photo contest theme should be relevant to the product that you are about to launch.

3. Infographic

Infographics are visual representations of different concepts, histories, timeline and stories of anything and everything under the sun. These normally carry stunning visuals engage readers.

For you to create interest in your new product or service, a well-designed infographic can be a useful tool. Need some ideas for awesome infographics? Just use Google Images and search for “infographics”, you’ll be surprised what you find.

Google Infographics

4. Twitter’s Vine App

A sneak peak of the product via a video teaser with Twitter’s Vine app can spur interests from several active users. Teasers should have a length of no more than 60 seconds ideally. Some of the most viral activity being spread around social networks and among friends right now is all content through Vine. Jump in the Vine bandwagon while it’s just getting started.

Vine Videos and Blogging

5. Email A “Founders List”

Email Promotions

There is still power in email marketing. Create a specific and unique email template that will include a line that says “this email is only sent to selected recipients and founding members of the organization” – it will make them feel important that you are featuring them in your latest blog list or promotion. People love to belong in a special group and have bragging rights, and it works out great for the person building the list because they will get social shares from a lot of people they are promoting as well.

The monumental shift of consumers’ purchasing power was greatly influenced by social media. Gone are the days when a company can easily put damage control to leaks of bad service or defective products. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites have become the refuge of consumers with unpleasant experiences. Similar is true when a person raves about getting a superb purchase.

Implement these fun and exciting ways to connect with your blogging audience and watch your followers and numbers continually grow over time.

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