Tips on Writing Great Blog Posts from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Although it’s been 10 years since Buffy The Vampire Slayer left the air, it’s still popular to a lot of people because of its exceptional writing.

It’s the story lines that depict the female lead, Buffy, in situations where she had to deal with her inner and external demons (both literally and metaphorically) that made so many viewers in love with the show.

It revolutionized the way female characters are depicted in television. Its writers did a great job in creating story lines that audiences can relate to and witty dialogue that make each character memorable.

Its main man, Joss Whedon, can be credited to the success of the show’s impeccable writing and I believe he can teach us bloggers a thing or two about writing stuff that people can relate to and take inspiration from.

Tips on writing great blog posts from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Write in a language your readers clearly understand

Writing great blog posts means creating something that people share.

You can’t achieve that if readers don’t understand what you’re trying to say. That means you should use a language that’s understandable.

Speak to your readers. Use terms they’ll understand. Reference ideas and facts that they’re familiar with. Ask the same questions they have.

Less is more

A very lengthy post can annoy readers. If unnecessary, don’t use too many words.

Writing less can even work to your advantage because readers want to get to the bottom of things as quickly as possible. If they see that your posts run more than 1,000 words, they will stop and never go back.

writing great blog posts - the scary gentlemen


The Gentlemen in “Hush” were the creepiest villains in the series. A huge part of this episode had no character dialogue.

One of the best episodes of Buffy is “Hush” and it didn’t have character dialogue for the most part. It was so brilliant it earned the show an Emmy nomination.

This just shows that you can still say something with less (or entirely without) words.

Everything has a purpose

Joss Whedon makes sure that everything in a frame (or scene) has a purpose, even if it’s just a man standing in the background. Everything has a perspective, history, and identity. Not everybody has to speak or shine but without knowing their motivations, then it wouldn’t be effective.

It’s the same thing with writing. Make sure that everything serves a purpose. Don’t digress because it’s just a waste of time and space. Use few words. Delete sentences and even paragraphs if they don’t help make your message clear.

Work on making a good structure

Structure will keep you in the right direction. Although it’s common to lose yourself in writing and let the words flow, it can steer you off course.

Having a structure will keep you on topic and that you cover everything there is to talk about. It can also help you finish quicker because you know what exactly to write.

It’s possible that the world doesn’t end once

Buffy had to stop the world from ending more than once. Under normal circumstances, people only have to fear one apocalypse but Sunnydale is a hotspot for doomsday and Buffy has always fought hard, even died once, to stop it.

As bloggers, you’re bound to go through many end-of-days in your career. You could be fired more than  once, rejected a lot of times, or be reprimanded by clients or editors for work that sucked. Don’t be defeated. You can always save yourself.

Don’t be scared to chase after vampires, demons, and even goddesses

In Season 5, Buffy had to fight Glorificus, a goddess from a hell dimension, who possessed superhuman strength and is almost invulnerable to any type of harm.

Buffy’s strength and stakes and Willow’s magic powers were not even remotely close to harming the enemy but still, she didn’t let fear hold her back. She knew it can get her killed but she had to do her job so she fought with all she got.

writing great blog posts tip - wounded buffy


We all have fears–rejection, insult, and the feeling of not being good enough–that can be so crippling we end up not writing at all. Don’t let these fears take control because you’ll never know what might happen.

Yes, you may find it very difficult but if you push yourself more and give it your best shot, you may be surprised at how well a blog post is received by your readers.

You can find help even from those who can’t stake vamps

Buffy is the only one in the gang to have super strength. Though Willow has developed her magic powers later in the series, they all relied on Buffy to kill vampires and demons. But it doesn’t mean she does all the work.

Each character brings something to the table. Willow is great in researching information about demons. Giles’ expertise lets them know what to do when there’s a new enemy. Xander is resilient, courageous, and provides the comic relief.

They contribute things that are essential in saving the world. Buffy’s strength alone can’t keep Sunnydale safe. She needs her friends.

As bloggers, don’t think you can do it all. Realize that you have weaknesses that can only be complemented by the strengths of people around you.

Other people can provide you with ideas for blog posts. They can also pick the best keywords, design your blog, or promote your site.

Don’t be afraid to ask help. You can’t possibly be good in everything, can you?

Death is nothing

Buffy died twice in the series: at the end of Season 1 and Season 5. Both times she rose from the dead to continue her mission in life. It was very difficult for her to adjust especially in Season 6 because she was so ready to retire her stake and finally get the peace she’s wanted but her friends raised her from the dead and subject her to more misery on Earth.

But that didn’t stop her from fulfilling her job.

writing great blog posts tip from buffy the vampire slayer


As bloggers, we have a responsibility to our readers. That responsibility comes with the privilege given to us so we must ensure that we do our part. Create relevant and useful content regularly no matter how hard the circumstances are.

Your best weapon is yourself

At the end of the day, all we have is our self. We are our best weapon. Take everything away and you’re left with your talent, skill, and passion for writing. You have no reason to not create something because all you need is you.

There were several times when Buffy had to rely on no one but herself to defeat the evils that roam Sunnydale. In Season 7, as she trains potential slayers for their biggest battle, they encounter an uber-vampire that doesn’t die with the usual stake. It’s so strong Buffy can’t cripple it but because she needed to, she tackled the vampire without any weapon and, after getting a bad beating at first, she finally ended up killing it.

You’ll find yourself in similar situations–times when you feel helpless and incapable because you don’t have any weapon. Don’t think that way. You’re your best weapon.

So there you have it, lessons on writing great blog posts from one of the best written shows in television.

What about you? Anything you’d like to add? Share your own tips in the comments section below.

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