3 Administrative and Blogging Tasks to Outsource

Blogging Tips audience seems to love the topic of outsourcing.

I’ve shared in the previous posts some of the tasks you could outsource like writing and email marketing tasks.

Today, I’d like to share with you more tasks that could help you save a lot of time. It’s about the administrative and blogging tasks.

This is the part where most bloggers outsource their work. It’s the most consuming, not that much effective, but necessary for your marketing and blogging growth.

Today, I’ll share with you 3 of these tasks.

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1- Transcription of Video/Audio files:

Creating videos and audios have been a must these days.

To go from a stage to a higher stage, you need to change your platform. You need to target different audiences.

That’s why you need to create audio and video files.

Pat Flynn shared in one of his posts that 19% of his audience was because of his podcasts which is the largest part of his audience.

You need to be everywhere as Pat Flynn loves to say to grow your audience faster in a crowded niche.

But also there are people who prefer to read than to watch videos or to listen to audio.

That’s why you need to provide them with a transcription. It may take you a lot of time to do it yourself, that’s why you should outsource to others.

It’s one of the main expenses in Pat’s income, yet, it’s essential and really important for his blog.

2- EBook formatting:

Ebooks are essential for the growth of your blog.

It builds the bond between you and your audience. In some times, it’s the first thing people read from you, so you need to fascinate them.

It’s what builds trust between you and your audience.

After they know and like you, ebooks could help you gain their trust. So, they say, if you’re giving all this for free, how much will I get when I pay money.

But creating an awesome ebook content without a good formatting and layout is a mess. You lose a lot and you appears not professional to your audience.

So, you spend all that time to write the ebook and then you gain nothing.

But formatting is a time consuming thing and very hard to a lot of us.

Consider outsourcing this task, so you still gain the benefit of building the trust factor and the Wow-Factor.

3- Report creation:

Instead of creating the report yourself, spending hours researching and more dozens of hours writing it, you could simply outsource the whole process and also gain the benefit of building the trust between you and your audience.

It’s that simple.

Last Words:

We will continue talking about more tasks to outsource in the next posts.

Now, take a look on these tasks again and thing about outsourcing them to keep the momentum going without losing a lot of your time.

Tell me what do you think about outsourcing these tasks in the comments.

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