How Are You Monetizing Your Mobile Traffic? – Four Mobile Monetization Strategies

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In just a few short years, smart phones and tablets have come to be more main stream than ever for people who consume online content. In fact, just between 2012-2013 alone mobile internet use in tablets and smart phones doubled. As these devices become more available at more affordable price points, these numbers will for sure see even more growth.

But all this growth with mobile traffic has left traditional publishers scrambling to find a good solution to monetize the mobile versions of their website. How can bloggers continue to see revenue streams from their content even with the constant stream of readers who are switching over to mobile use?

Here are four great places to start:

Is Your Blog Mobile Ready

AdSense for Mobile

If you’ve monetized the traditional version of your site in any way, chances are you’ve likely been involved with Google AdSense at some point. Google is now making it easier to integrate their platform with your mobile site, and still matched ads to the content you’re publishing so you can still earn money when visitors click the ads. AdSense for Mobile can also detect which device your mobile readers are using and tailors those ads for their device.


Instead of getting paid to have your visitors click on ads for other sites or products, you can do something similar, only with native ads for related content. youAPPi uses unique app recommendation technology to recommend apps to your mobile readers based on their past content history. Readers find great new apps they’re interested in easily, developers get better exposure for their apps, and you get a commission each time one of your users downloads a recommended app. Now that’s a win-win-WIN situation.


ComScore data for 2012 reported that 82% of media time on smartphones is consumed in apps. Maybe you’ve gone beyond creating just a mobile website, and also have an app for the content you publish? If that’s the case, Kiip can be a great revenue opportunity that keeps your readers coming back for more, too. Kiip-enabled apps have access to rewards and coupons from the world’s largest brands to reward users for engaging with your app. You set the specifications for how readers can achieve rewards, and your readers keep coming back for more deals!


If your online content doesn’t just consist of text and images, but also includes video, Rhythm could be a great option to help you monetize that content as well. Rythym is the industry’s mobile video leader, and offers a variety of different video advertising options including tap-to video, in-banner video, interactive in-stream video, and interactive pre-roll video.

The shift to mobile content doesn’t have to mean the end of your revenue stream that you worked for years to perfect! With these four tools—and the many others that are available—you can continue to fund the great content that your readers love.


About The Author: Greg is a digital marketing strategist for youAPPi, a leading mobile app monetization company based in Israel. For more information about youAPPi or to learn how to make money from blogging, visit their site today!

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Joe Hart - September 13, 2013

Adsense for mobile has lots of expectations attached to it.It’s high end and is from Google,so the quality is unbeatable.Definitely a profitable utility in mobile advertising.

Devya Agarwal - September 13, 2013

Hi Joe….

I am new to blogging and I have not started monetizing my blog yet.
What you suggest after how much regular traffic I should go for monetization option?

Abdur Rakib - September 14, 2013

I’m monetizing my blog with at this time. I don’t have so much experience on monetizing mobile traffic. youAPPI seems nice. I will check it.

Gautham - September 14, 2013


I guess Adsense for mobile is a great platform for monetizing mobile traffic without any hassle. YouAppi seems like a good alternative too.

Amal Rafeeq - September 16, 2013

Thanks for sharing Rythym with me. I think that’s something I should try on.

Rajesh - September 16, 2013

I’m using adsense for displaying ads on mobile. I’m using new responsive ads (beta) for monetizing my blogs. Will try youAPPi and other soon.

Metz - September 17, 2013

Some usual mobile app monetization strategies are, One-time payment, Supported by ads and Subscriptiom. in here, I will suggest “youAPPi” this is new to me but as I read the content, is is a nice strategy and I am pretty sure that this is effective.
Anyway, your suggestions are good. You showed us a good article content. Informative, I must say! Thanks! contributor

Denis D. - October 3, 2013

I think fairly soon majority of online content will be accessed through mobile devices. Just take a look at the decline in PC sales over the last few years. People are quickly switching to mobile devices. This means that the advertisers will have to evolve and adapt to mobile platforms in order to deliver good and relevant ad content.

I think the way people interact with the web on mobile devices is completely different than the way they do on a PC. Over the next few years new advertising technologies will most likely emerge that will allow us (publishers) to capitalize on all of our hard work :)

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