The ABC’s of a Custom Domain Name

If you’re using a free WordPress template to get your message out but aren’t getting the traffic you think you should, the changes you need to adopt might be simple. Getting a custom domain name is an idea you’ll want to consider if you’ve been saddled with one of the default domains you get when you first sign up.

These have advantages for good reasons including:

  • Great Domain Name for Your BlogThey’re permanent. You’ll have it and be able to migrate it with you from template to template whether you’re using WordPress, another open source template, or even placing it in a custom built website.
  • You can sell them. More about choosing the name in a bit, but these can be monetized by placing a domain name on the market for some cash when need be.
  • They don’t cost a lot. Less than the price of lunch. That’s what you’ll pay for most domain names.
  • Recognition. These are a great way to brand your blog whether you’re looking for business or just personal awareness.
  • More visitors. The search engines prefer custom domain names and crawl these more than their default cousins.

Okay, so now you understand why it’s a good idea to go this route. Next are a few mechanics for picking the most suitable custom domain name.

  • Try to include both a suitable location and keywords. Start thinking about the domain name as one of the tools that will help your blog get more exposure.  Whatever you think the most important word is, try to make sure it gets included.
  • Don’t forget to keep up the payments. Losing the rights to a customized domain name can be a crippling blow to any blog or business. It’s suggested you buy for more than one year or go with the auto renewal option. Check the expiry date for the credit card on file as well.
  • Watch the extensions you buy. When you’re looking for a customized domain name, it’s important to understand the game changers are the .com or .org. versions. You’ll be asked if you want the full package and the .net and .co companions, but the real value is with the more popular ones. It’s only necessary to buy the others if you have a direct competitor breathing down your neck in the same space.

Custom domain names are a great investment in the future of your blog or business.


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