Top 10 SEO Tips for Online Writing

It’s a much known maxim that “content is king”.

Do you spend enough time writing website content?

Do you think about the different elements of your content in order to ensure they are maximally effective?

Do you work on your content on a day to day basis?

Or do you often let other activities take over?

Website content is one of the crucial aspects of search engine promotion these days.  Whether you’re writing for your website, or for other people’s websites with the aim of building links, you need to understand how the content must be structured and what you should be doing in order to get the maximum benefit.

Top Ten SEO tips for your online writing activities.



Top Tip No. 1 – Write for Your Reader but Think about Search Engines

When you’re writing web copy it’s crucial that you make it readable, interesting, and of value to your audience; however, one aspect of your audience is certainly the search engine robots that crawl your pages and assess their value.  You should consider the structure of your pages and should ensure that your web pages are accessible to the search engines.  By jumping on to webmaster tools for Bing or Google you’ll be able to view the pages how these search engine robots do and assess how you’re doing on this measure.

Top Tip No. 2 – Focus on Quality but Target Keyword Density

You really do need to produce top quality content to be noticed in the web world these days.  You shouldn’t pack your content with keywords but you should consider using different keywords that your content should be found under.  The main thing though is the quality of the content and not the keyword density, or the number of keywords in your piece. To learn more about keyword density and ranking in Google, follow these SEO tips from FirstSiteGuide.

Top Tip No. 3 – Use Synonyms and Keywords that are Related to Searches

The search engines of today are advanced.  They use the latest semantic indexing (LSI) technology.  They are able to understand how words relate to each other and therefore can assess whether a page or post is related to a certain topic through a variety of keywords on that page.  Your content may well look a little too one-dimensional to the search engines if you just hit the same keyword again and again.  You can find out related keywords by using the Tilde (~) instruction in Google’s search.  If you’re looking for content related to search engine marketing then you should search ~search engine marketing.

Of course, you can also jump on to the Google’s keyword tool and find out which keywords they are suggesting you target.  There are many other keyword tools that provide you with the opportunity to assess keyword opportunities too.

Top Tip No. 4 – Be Detailed in Your Content

Try and avoid doing 250-word posts, they really won’t have value in the search engines.  You should be writing detailed interesting posts that focus on quality and readability.  With detailed content, you’ll get more long tail keywords and you’ll generally make your content more accessible and valuable to the search engines.

Top Tip No. 5 – Use Long Tail Keywords

You shouldn’t just focus on the main keywords. If you’re developing an annuity site for example, you shouldn’t just focus on annuity, annuity rates, and annuity tables.  You could well focus on annuity rates table and other three and four-word combinations.  You won’t get as many visitors when you get up search engines but it’ll be a lot easier to get up there.

Top Tip No. 6 – What do your readers want?

If you are writing about your products and services then you need to ensure that you write blog content that is related to what your readers want.  Think about the angle they’re coming from and the questions that they may well be asking themselves. Ensure that you develop content that will get people into your site, and get them coming back again and again.

Top Tip No. 7 – Write Shareable Content

In social media you should be sharing your posts as much as possible.  However, run of the mill boring content just won’t cut the mustard.  You need to think about unique and interesting perspectives, or really valuable information.  When you share this kind of content you will get a viral effect and will end up with lots of people coming in and lots of promotion links too.

Top Tip No. 8 – Use Summaries and Title Tags Properly

Your title is the window to your site.  When people are searching through Google or Bing, they will be reading your title and assessing whether to enter your site.  You only have around 70 characters to attract their attention and therefore you need to make sure that you make every word count.  Some people spend a lot of time on their titles trying to get them interesting and unique to get people in, and you should certainly consider investing additional resources in this area of your page.

Top Tip No. 9 – Use Links in Your Content

When you’re developing valuable content you keep readers and search engine robots happy if you have links to other aspects of the topic you are writing about, and links to related subjects.  These could be internal links or external links to top quality resources. These links will add value to your content in terms of both readability and interest, but also search engine optimization.

Top Tip No. 10 – Use Infographics, Rich Media, and Images

When you’re looking to engage with readers you want the aesthetic appeal to be high.  You should use infographics, rich media, and images to try and enhance the experience for your audience.  You’ll also make your content more shareable and more likely to get links.

So there you have it, a look at ten top tips to help you in your SEO writing.  There’s no magic involved in getting links and getting people into your websites You just need to follow some guidelines and ensure that you are developing top quality content that people really want to read.

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