20 Ways To Make Money Online

By Nancy Badillo | Blogging

Sep 01

In this article, you will find 20 ways to make money online. The list is not in any particular order. By the end of this article I hope your able to use one of these strategies to put some change in your pocket.

1. Answering Questions: There are sites that pay you for answering questions or giving advice. Everyone is an expert about something. I have composed a list of different sites that will pay you for your opinion.

1. Guruza
2. Small Biz Advice
3. Shvoong
4. Answer Gem
5. Ace College Classes
6. Live Person
7. Maholo
8. Weegy
9. ChaCha
10. Askables
11. Web Answer
12. KGB
13. Student of Fortune
14. Know Brainers
15. Just Answer
16. Help Owl

2. Freelancer: Do you have any services to offer others? Become a freelancer and get paid for your services. Here is a list of sites where you can join to post your services.

Blog Marketing and Make Money Online1. Freelancer
2. Elance
3. Fiverr
4. FasCinco
5. Task Army
6. Odesk
7. GigMe5
8. JobsFor10
9. Fiffy Town
10. Dollar3
11. UpHype
12. Seven Stew

3. Online Surveys: Did you know by giving your online opinion about services is a quick way to make money online. Take online surveys and get paid. Here are some sites that help you make money by taking surveys.

1. Clear Voice Surveys
2. My View
3. Dollar Survey
4. Toluna
5. My Survey
6. Synovate
7. Zoom Panel
8. Permission Research
9. Global Test Market
10. Hot Spex
11. Test Spin
12. Survey Spot
13. Opinion Outpost
14. Survey Scout
15. Ipoll

4. Write Reviews: Write a blog review in your blog and get paid. The top sites to sign up for writing a review.

1. Dooyoo
2. Review Stream
3. Social Spart
4. Pay Per Post
5. Expo TV
6. Software Judge
7. Blogitive
8. Buy Blog Reviews
9. In Blog Ads
10. Review Me
11. Smorty
12. Linkworth
13. Opinion Outpost
14. Sponsored Reviews
15. PayU2Blog
16. Blogger Wave
17. Blogging Ads
18. Blogsvertise
19. Shared Reviews
20. Blog to Profit

5. Social Networks: Join a social network for free and get paid for distributing their services. Here are some social networks that are free to join.

1. My Likes
2. Mag Pie
3. Ximmy
4. FriendSwin
5. Budiz
6. Flixya
7. MyViewin
8. Sponsored Tweets

6. Sell Your Products: You can make extra money also by selling your own products that you’re currently not using. The great thing about online is you can sell pretty much anything. When selling your products I can compose a list of sites.

1. Craigslist
2. Amazon
3. eBay
4. Sell
5. BackPage
6. StopIt
7. Gazelle
8. Oodle
9. Zazzle
10. Etsy

7. Sell Your Images: Sell your photos online and make money. Here are some sites that allow you to make money by selling images.

1. SnapVillage
2. BigStockPhoto
3. CluterShot
4. ShutterStock
5. Dreamstime
6. DepositPhoto
7. IStockPhoto
8. Futolia
9. StockExpert

8. Revenue Sharing Websites: The revenue sharing websites are a terrific way to make money by writing articles. I have composed the top list of sites that pay you.

1. Inforbarrel
2. RateItAll
3. Mixx
4. Jevitt
5. SheToldMe
6. BestReviewer
7. TipDrop
8. Seekyt
9. Bukisha
10. SquidStop
11. Xomba
12. Hubpages
13. Squidoo
14. Snipsly
15. Flixya

9. Get Paid For Shopping: A great way to earn money is getting paid for regular purchases online. Every time you make a purchase online you get cash back. Here are some sites that will help with cash back after shopping.

1. MrRebates
2. Ebates
3. Swagbucks
4. Big Crumbs
5. Upromise
6. OfferMatic

10. Selling Other Peoples Product (Affiliate Marketing): You can also join a network or affiliate program to sell other people’s product and make money online. Here is a list of companies you can join for free.

1. Commission Junction
2. Clickbank
3. ShareASale
4. Amazon Associates
5. eBay Partnet Network
6. E-Junkie
7. DigiResults
8. Google Affiliate Network
9. Linkshare
11. Design Your Own Products: Create and sell your own designs and make money. I have enlisted some of my favorite sites.

1. CafePress
2. E-Shirt
3. ShirtCity
4. Etsy
5. ArtWeb
6. Threadless
7. Unbound
8. Gela Skins
9. Big Cartel
10. SpreadShirt
12. Society6
12. Buy Stocks Online: Another great way to make money online is by buying stocks online. Here are a couple of sites that offer stock services.

1. E*Trade
2. TradeKing
3. ScottTrade
4. ShareBuilder
13. Passive Income: Make money from your online content by placing ads on your blog from different advertisers that will pay you for every click. Here are some sites you can join.

1. Google Adsense
2. Yahoo Publisher Network
3. Bid Vertiser
4. Chitika
5. Clicksor

14. Donation Button: If you have a website which provide free content you can add a donation button. This will encourage visitors to give a donation just because they are appreciative of your services.

15. Application Tester: There are companies that pay you for testing their apps. Utest is one of the many companies that pay you for the services.

16. Customer Service: There are many companies hiring people for customer service. All you would need is an Internet connection and landline to do the services. Here are some companies you can hire:

1. Alpine Access
2. Working Solutions
3. LiveOps

17. Flip Domains: You can buy expire domains and then resell them for more money.

18. Online Coach: Become an online coaching mentor. For example, Tony Robbins.

19. Read Emails: Get paid from the comfort of your home by reading emails. Here are a couple of sites to sign up for the service.

1. Donkeymails.com
2. Youromail.com
3. Indoxdollars.com
4. MoneyInMail.com
5. GetPaid5Times.com
6. EmailCashPro.com

20. Ebook: Create an e-book and sell it to make money from it.

Make sure to bookmark the page so you can have it as a reference.  Also check out 30 ways to drive traffic to your site.

About the Author

Nancy has a vast background in PPC and SEO. Feel free to visit her site NancyBadillo.com Be sure to stay updated with her most recent posts on PPC.org about the latest changes and trends in online search marketing.

Osho Garg September 2, 2013

Hi Nancy,

Thank you very much for sharing all these methods, most of them new to me.

There is one typing mistake 3. CluterShot instead of 3. ClusterShot.

    Nancy Badillo September 3, 2013

    Hi Osho,

    Thanks for reading my post and letting me know of ClusterShot. I really appreciate it.

Mi Muba September 2, 2013

List can still be lengthier but the main issue is to earn money online and for that first you have to do your own SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis and after that pick a few of them on which you can concentrate for a longer period of time till you start getting back the rewards of your hard labor.

    Nancy Badillo September 7, 2013


    I do agree with you! There are tons of ways to make money online. The best way to do it is finding the best way for you. At times what might be the best way for me might not be yours! Thank you for reading my post!

Kostas September 2, 2013

This is a great list of countless different money-making websites. *Anyone* can find something for them throughout all of those.

    Nancy Badillo September 7, 2013

    Hi Kostas,

    Thank you for reading my post! The point behind the list was to create a list of different ways to make revenue so people could find their fit. Thanks for the feedback!

himanshu September 2, 2013

Great list for making money.You have given almost every way to earn money.Every person can easily quick bucks with these ways.I personally prefer flip option…

    Nancy Badillo September 3, 2013

    Hello Himanshu,

    I also like the flip option. Flipping domain can be a very lucrative business. Thanks for reading my post.

Angel Cuala September 2, 2013

Hi Nancy,

While I should commend you for being patient in creating this huge list, I think I can still add one more – paid guest blogging.

Although most bloggers only offer backlink for guest blogging, some of them are willing to pay good money to guest bloggers. I heard Cracked.com gives good money for super creative and interesting posts submitted to them.

For writing product reviews, I don’t think it’s still as popular as it is 4-5 years ago. I used to be a member of most of the sites you mentioned when I still have my old blog. But then, orders became few until I lost my patience waiting and I decided to be a freelance web content writer.

For your list of freelance writing sites, I would like to add Staff.com. As compared to Fiverr and other similar sites, the good thing about this site is that clients offer only long-term projects and not small jobs.

But if a blogger/web content writer really want to attract more clients in writing articles or copywriting, I strongly suggest that they create their own online portfolio.

    Nancy Badillo September 3, 2013

    Hi Angel,

    Thank you for reading my post! I will check out Cracked.com sounds like new project for me. Thank you for all the new suggestions.

vishu sachdeva September 2, 2013

Thanks for sharing such kind of information..These ways are sufficient for any people to give guidance to earn money.This will also help us to make their way easier….
Keep sharing..:)

    Nancy Badillo September 7, 2013

    Hi Vishu,

    Thanks for reading the post and your feedback!

bbrian017 September 2, 2013

Hi Nancy! I appreciate this post for really bringing attention to the fact that there are multiple ways to profit from the internet and all that it offers. Most people don’t see all the opportunity that lies within just advertisements alone! Here you have a lot of great ideas, some I haven’t even thought of myself! I sure wouldn’t mind getting paid to buy things online :)

    Nancy Badillo September 3, 2013

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for reading the post. I am glad the post gave you some new ideas on making money online!

Veer September 2, 2013

Hello Nancy, Great post. You have wrote almost all possible ways to make money at one place. Nice source for those who are finding the best ways for monetization.

    Nancy Badillo September 7, 2013

    Hi Veer,

    Thank you for reading my post!

Sagar Rai September 3, 2013

OMG!!! Wonderful list here. You have listed almost every possible ways to earn online :)

I liked the Freelancing sources and Affiliates marketing. I’m regular at CB and they have been always great for me.

Thanks for sharing other income generating sources with us…

    Nancy Badillo September 3, 2013

    Hi Sagar,

    Thanks for the feedback and reading my post!

Do you think they work also for me? (I’m Italian and live in Milan).
I’m talking about 1st 3rd 4th 5th point in particular.


    Nancy Badillo September 7, 2013

    Hi Llaria,

    Thank you for reading my post! The nice thing about making money online you can do it from pretty much anywhere. Make sure to check the policies of the company your singing up to make sure you qualified.

Qasim September 4, 2013

Hi Sagar,

There is many ways to make money online and you have included some unique ways that I haven’t heard about before like getting paid for shopping and testing applications. Thanks for sharing this article.

    Nancy Badillo September 7, 2013

    Hi Qasim,

    Thank you for reading my post! I appreciate your feedback.

Reginald September 4, 2013

Hi Nancy,

This is insane. Crazy whole load of list and I hardly hear about them! But love to see so much opportunity when it comes to make money online. *p/s like the survey parts*

Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy Badillo September 7, 2013

    Hi Reginald,

    Your very welcome! I am glad you like the list!

Omkar September 7, 2013

Hello Nancy, I already knew about Freelancing, writing reviews, paid surveys, affiliate marketing, but getting paid for answering questions and social networking is new for me. Freelancing is the tough one because there are lots of other freelancers who do the same work in less money. and about writing reviews for that your website should have high traffic and more social connections. I think I should give a try to answering questions and social networks that pay.

Joe Hart September 7, 2013

Freelance sites are great source of revenue.If you are particularly good at communicating with people, you would not have much difficulty in landing gigs.Consistency in delivering projects will often make or break ones career on a freelance site though.

    Nancy Badillo September 7, 2013

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for your feedback! I do agree Freelance sites are a great source of revenue!

Sultana Parvin September 7, 2013

I want to thank you because there are many new way to income online. Some are very new for me. Thanks again.

    Nancy Badillo September 16, 2013

    Hi Sultana,

    Your very welcome! I am glad the post was helpful.

Ugo Okonkwo September 21, 2013

Quite a long list – too overwhelming. It would be more practical and results-focused to pick a single method and attain specialist-level knowledge and matching achievements in that field. Go deep, not wide.

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