How to Use Social Media to Sell a House

Many people join Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with loved ones from far away, and old friends with whom they’ve lost touch over the years. People also show off photos of little ones to those who can’t see them every day.

Today, many people use their social media pages to sell their homes as well. And they’re not the only ones. Real estate agents create social media profiles to show off their listings, enabling them to reach more buyers than ever before.

Widen your audience

Using social media to sell your home is a great way to broaden your market. Even if none of the people on your friends or followers list are in the market for a new home, they might know someone who is. If they see your home in one newsfeed and a post from another friend about moving to your area in another they may to share your photos.

Using location to your advantage

When you and your agent use location to your advantage, your house might sell faster. For instance, in the cold month of January, posting a photo of your South Florida home and a caption about how it’s 80 degrees and lovely outside could lure buyers who are tired of shoveling snow. After all, real estate is all about location.

Too much of a good thing

Keep in mind when showing off photos of your home that too many will become a nuisance for your friends and family. If all they see are house photos and posts begging people to buy, they might block or remove you from their feed. Keep it short and sweet and don’t overwhelm your friends and followers.

What to do when you sell

Prepping to sell your home is not the end of the process. Once your house does sell, you have a limited amount of time in which to move out. Portable storage containers can make the process so much easier. They allow you to empty your old home of furniture and belongings over time, so you can pack up at your own speed.

Social media is a great way to promote the sale of your home. You never know who among your list of friends might know another friend in the market for exactly what you’re selling. By showing off your photos and listing, you can use social media to make connections you never would have known about, and increase your pool of interested buyers.

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