Some Common Mistakes Bloggers Make

By Rob Starr | Blogging

Aug 25
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Blogging isn’t that much different from other things you do routinely. If you start making a certain mistake, you can keep traveling down the same road for some time without correcting it. The result can be lost readers and prospects that click away before you’ve even had a real chance with them.

That said, try to avoid these common blogging mistakes.

  1. Being stuffy. Remember who your target audience is when you’re blogging and that should keep you on the right path. If you were writing a thesis for a university paper, it would be acceptable to use jargon and fill paragraphs with deep intellectual thoughts. For the most part, blogging is about being fun and conversational.
  2. Bad formatting. You need to watch what you say, how you say it, and even how you present the finished product to your readers. Long paragraphs are out. Bullet points and shorter paragraphs are in. Things aren’t only visually appealing when they’re short and sweet, they take less time to read. You need to keep in mind that our attention spans are dwindling so things need to be more captivating.
  3. Bad writing. Regardless of the subject matter, your blog needs to be grammatically correct to be taken seriously. Stay away from the kind of texting shorthand that spells ‘u r’ for ‘you are’ and you won’t seem unprofessional and illiterate. If possible, it’s good to have another set of eyes look at your blog before you publish it; if not, read the text out loud to yourself to look for any mistakes.
  4. Bad optimization and links. Here’s the technical side of what you need to look at to be sure your blog is getting the right exposure.  While keywords are the right vehicle to attract attention, make sure they represent what you’re trying to sell or say adequately. A little due diligence in the form of research is necessary and the same goes for quality links. You’re only as good as the company you keep when it comes to links so you need to be sure this exchange involves a back and forth with credible relevant sites.

Staying away from shortcuts is basically the whole thing in a nutshell. When you’ve invested the time into a blog, it doesn’t make any sense to look for the easier, softer way.

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Ashok Royal August 25, 2013

Yes brother,
You described these mistakes very well. I also face some problems. Recently I started a blog. I am not good in English. But i am trying :)
Thank you brother for a informative post.

Yass August 25, 2013

Great article
Thanks for this very useful info

Albert Barkley August 26, 2013

I think that some bloggers make their website/blog just a source of earning and put such ads which may irritate users while browsing the blog.

Edson Hale August 26, 2013

Very few people know that bad formatting is also a blogging mistake which can make our visitors hit the backspace just after arriving; one needs to take care of this side apart from burning midnight oil to improve blog design and writing epic contents

Sunday August 26, 2013

Thanks Rob Starr for reminding us about these mistakes. Interestingly, many bloggers fall victims of these mistakes and often wonder why they never get to make progress in their blogging. I guess these blogging mistakes should be corrected to achieve better benefits with blogs!

The above comment was left in, where this post has been ‘kingged’ and shared.

Sunday – contributor

Angel Cuala August 26, 2013

Unfortunately, I have observed that bloggers that use of short cut words have increased as compared to a couple of years back when social media is not yet that popular.

Now, most of them think that they are writing on their Facebook walls or Twitter accounts and do not realize that correct spelling is very important in keyword optimization.

Creepy, but I suddenly thought of Blogrush and Entrecard as popular venues back then for promoting blogs.

Tony August 26, 2013

Hi Rob,

I know that I have come across with some sites that have those particular issues. I feel that people should do their homework at first. Also they should do things in a step by step manner; in any venture.

Also creating backlinks takes some time also but with a little patience everything should come in place. So Rob thanks again.

Have a nice day.


James Rhodes August 26, 2013

Hey Rob, great points.

Just a few additions and thoughts I’d add:

Less is more- You don’t need to post 10 times a week if you can’t pump out 10 high-quality posts. Post as much as you are comfortable with and no more. Otherwise, your quality will suffer.

Simple and concise- Keep your posts as concise as possible. Grab your audience’s attention, get to your point, and get out smoothly. Don’t waste your audience’s time; use short sentences, words, paragraphs, and posts.

Don’t spam- Twitter PM’s, rapid promotional social media posts, captcha’s and more will annoy your audience. They have millions of other blogs to choose from, annoy them and they’ll go elsewhere.

Find consistency- You start a blog and you’re amped. You’re going to take the blogosphere by storm and become the next Arianna Huffington. You pump out posts for a week and the views aren’t rolling in. After 2 weeks, you start to miss posts. After a month your blog has become stagnant. This is all too familiar. Remember the number ONE factor in a successful blog is consistency! Make a habit of posting and be patient. A successful blog takes time.

Be patient- Blogging is not for the feint of heart. It’s hard. It takes a lot of time. It’s exhausting. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences one can have and I think EVERYONE should blog. But don’t expect success to come overnight.

Thanks again for the post and tips Rob!

Geo Jolly August 27, 2013

Being a blogger , this content helped me to improve my blogging strategies. Thanks a lot for you share. Keep on posting guidances to bloggers like us.

Riza August 27, 2013

I agree, these are common mistakes. Not that there are no reminders, since posts like this are popular in the blogging world.

Formatting is the least common; I mean it should be since its easy to correct. Hardest to correct for a lot of bloggers would be problems number 3 and 4. Your reminder through this post is highly appreciated. :)

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Reaz August 28, 2013

Yup, I’m totally agree with all those steps. Not many people know these strategy that’s why people do some mistakes on their blogs.

I like the formatting part of this post. Content style will looks awesome, if we use some bullets point, paragraphs and some more thing you gave details in your post. Overall, I like this post too much.

Mohammad Reaz

shiva August 28, 2013

thanks for sharing this to help us for doing mistakes we will defiantly try to do this thanks for sharing and keep it up we need some more………………

Mia Taylor August 29, 2013

These are common and simple mistakes yet we tend to neglect those mistakes in the long run.
Thank you for reminding them.

Joe Hart August 29, 2013

Bad formatting is an instant turn-off.That shows that the blogger hasn’t even put the minimal effort in presentation.Serious writers format well.

Hemu August 30, 2013

i know this thing because i have made these mistakes and have seen others making these mistakes too. But with time, every good blogger learns and better himself.

Aditya Nath Jha August 31, 2013

I would also like to mention the lack of humor in posts is a serious turn off. A mild joke between every two paragraphs or so keeps me going. I like bloggers who have a personal style of writing. No matter what they are writing on they write with a unique flair. That in my eyes I think is the most important requirement to be successful. Staying true to one self 😀

Nancy Badillo September 1, 2013

Hi Rob,

Thanks for sharing this awesome tips for common mistakes bloggers make! I will be sharing this article.

rajat September 4, 2013

thanks for sharing this to help us for doing mistakes we will defiantly try to do this thanks for sharing and keep it up we need some more

Shruti September 18, 2013

I know of some useful blogs that have not been updated in so long that I seldom even check to see what’s new — and may miss what’s new. You mentioned that it’s important to keep a schedule, but I’d like to add a few tips:

(1) Before you “go public,” publish five or more posts. This way, when you do go public, people who find you will spend more time on your blog, and people who are not interested in a particular topic are more likely to read your other posts than to merely dismiss you and go elsewhere.

(2) Don’t be reluctant to publish reruns, particularly of popular posts, updated if possible and with a new title. You should be constantly attracting new readers, so don’t assume that someone who sees a post on 8/4/13 also saw it on 11/7/10. Some items may be tied to the calendar and deserve annual or more-frequent publication.

(3) Build up a backlog of posts (some complete, some almost complete and some that may be just concepts or titles). If you come up “dry” on a particular day, look at your pending post list.

(4) Read, read, read and listen, listen, listen. New blog posts won’t always pop magically from your brain. You can publish your reaction (which can be praise, condemnation or amplification) of what you’ve read online or on paper, or a movie or TV show you’ve watched, even a conversation you’ve overheard.

(5) Periodically change the way your blog looks. You can change a background color, change the title typeface, move the sidebar from one side to the other, change the sequence of items in the sidebar. Don’t let readers think, “same old same old.” This goes for websites as well as blogs.


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