4 Writing Tasks to Outsource and Get More Free Time

Writing is a pain for the majority of bloggers. It takes a lot of time, which you could use in more effective things.

Outsourcing has been a topic that a lot of internet marketers are interested in. You could free up your time for few dollars and do more effective things to your business, or go out with your friend and refresh your mind.

Popular bloggers are busy as hell. They’ve been outsourcing a lot of tasks including the writing tasks.

Here are 4 of the tasks that you could outsource and get more free time.

1- Blog post creation:

This is the basic outsourcing task that a lot of marketers outsource to other writers.

You could ask them to write posts for your blog, so you keep your blog updated and your readers become engaged. It’s that simple.

But you should decide from the beginning whether he will get credit or not. If not, then you need to check the next task.

2- Ghost writing:

I love this kind of outsourcing. I’m planning to do it in the future, but for now, I won’t.

Here, you ask the writer to write a post for you, he just get the money and then the post becomes your own. He won’t take credit for creating it. You’re the owner of the post.

Do you think that most of the bloggers write the post themselves? If yes, then think again.

3- Guest blogging:

Another effective thing to outsource is guest blogging.

Instead of wasting a lot of time guest blogging on other blogs, you could handle the process to a guest blogger and he will write the post and link back to your blog.

Even, if you could write for your blog, think about outsourcing this task, so you could have time to engage with your audience on your blog and through email.

In addition to the traffic you get, you also get back links from authoritative blogs to your blog, which means higher rankings in search engines and more traffic.

4- SEO writing:

Writing is a hobby for a lot of us. You could write great posts that engage your readers and make them want your stuff, but then what?

No one visits your blog. It’s painful.

That’s why SEO copywriting has evolved.

You write for your readers and then tweak to rank higher on search engines. A lot of us don’t have the time to tweak the post to rank higher on search engines.

Scribe has made this process amazing. If you still don’t have time, then think about outsourcing it.

Last words:

These are 4 tasks to outsource, I’m sure you now got the idea of why to outsource, you get a lot of free time to rock your business.

As you’ve guessed, we’re going to dig more into this outsourcing thing in the next few weeks.

I’ve another post about another writing tasks to outsource. After that, I’ll talk more about other tasks to outsource.

A lot of stuff will be covered, so make sure to subscribe.

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