Power Your E-Commerce Online Store with Volusion

There are a lot of factors and moving parts that go into running an e-commerce store. You’ve got to get set up with a hosting plan, you’ve got to design the website, you’ve got to configure the backend to handle your catalog and process your orders… it’s a lot to manage. That’s why it’s so great that you can find all-in-one solutions like Volusion. In fact, they say that when you use their e-commerce platform, you’ll average three times more online sales.

Open a Successful Online Store

The barrier to entry for selling physical products over the Internet used to be a lot higher. There were a lot of technical complications that you had to consider, but just as Blogger and WordPress made blogging so much more accessible, platforms like Volusion have made e-commerce incredibly easy to implement for even the least technical of online store owners.


Volusion gives you everything you need to get started with an online store. They provide the hosting, they have a website builder, and they have the fully functional back-end to handle shopping carts, credit card processing and whatever else you might need.

You don’t have to come up with your own design, because they have free, ready-to-use templates. You know how when you go to other online stores and you can zoom in on a product image by simply hovering over it? Volusion offers that as the vZoom tool. Need to sell multiple versions of the same product, as in different colors or sizes? Volusion supports that too, as well as product comparisons, daily deals, coupons, customer reviews and more. It really is quite comprehensive.

A Professional-Looking Business in a Box

One of the challenges that you may encounter with some of the other solutions on the market today is that their templates can look awfully generic. There aren’t too many professional blogs out there that use the default WordPress theme for a reason and the same can be said about e-commerce.


But if you have a look at the client gallery on Volusion, you’ll see just how unique and professional those online stores look. The particular example shown above is from John Christian, a jewelry store. They’ve done a great job with having plenty of product images, customization options, coupon code support, PayPal payments and more.

And the design is distinctly different from the many other online stores in the client gallery. If you didn’t know any better, you probably couldn’t tell that they all started with a Volusion template.

Now with Amazon Integration

It doesn’t matter how great your online store looks or how many features it has if you don’t have the customers to buy your products. That’s where your marketing efforts can come into play, but you can also reach that wider demographic by tapping into existing marketplaces. Volusion already supports eBay integration, for example, if you run an eBay store. More recently, they’ve also added Amazon integration.


If you sign up for a Gold plan or above, this integration is included. This way, you’re able to boost exposure to your products and it can all be set up in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to manage your products twice either, because you can quickly search the Amazon catalog from your Volusion store directly, locate your products and add them straight away. This also grants you access to centralized inventory management. Just log in once and get it done.

Volusion has multiple hosting plans that can grow with your business. You might choose to start with the $15/month Mini plan for up to 100 products, building up to the $35 bronze plan for newsletter support, the $65 silver plan for phone orders, or the $125/month gold plan for Amazon integration. Do you have a lot of SKUs? The $195 platinum plan gives you unlimited products and 40GB of data transfer.

Considering that you could easily spend this much on just a hosting plan, having all of that e-commerce and site design functionality built into your Volusion plan sounds like a pretty great value.

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