Texting Your Way to Business Success with Remarkamobile

When I am getting ready to leave the house, I always make sure that I have three objects in my possession. I like to refer to them as the holy trinity: phone, keys and wallet. I can’t lock the front door without my keys, so there’s no way I’d ever forget those, but I would feel far more at a loss if I am without my wallet than if I am without my phone. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

As popular as social media marketing and email marketing may be, there is an emerging frontier that could be far more lucrative and far more effective: mobile marketing. Working to empower your mobile marketing efforts is a company called Remarkamobile and their goal is to help you “build a bigger, better database of mobile-ready customers.”

Text Message Marketing Made Easy

While many of us may “live” on the Internet, we do spend some time away from our computers. However, I am very rarely outside of arm’s reach of my cell phone. When someone sends me a text message, they can be pretty sure that I’m going to read it.


When you consider this from a marketing standpoint, it means that you are far more likely to reach your potential and current customers right now if you send them an SMS than if you were to send them an e-mail. That’s why Remarkamobile feels that mobile text marketing can be a hugely effective way to get great ROI and it’s a great way to grow your business.

In fact, a recent study by Google has apparently indicated that email open rates are down below 20%. That means that even if you have a huge list for your email marketing campaign, only one in five people is even opening your message. By contrast, the open rate on a text message is over 95%. That’s far better, wouldn’t you say?

A real-life example of this is the SMS campaign utilized by Ashley Furniture HomeStore. They hosted a secret 4-day sale only to people who were on their existing mobile customer list. They sent 6,000 text messages over those four days and generated over $85,000 in revenue.

Mobile Reaching Critical Mass

Beyond the mobile text marketing, Remarkamobile also works to provide you with a complete mobile ecosystem to approach and retain your customers. The other two main services are the creation of mobile business apps and mobile ready websites.


I don’t need to tell you that an increasing number of people are accessing the Internet from their phones. I don’t need to tell you that trying to browse a non-mobile friendly website on a smartphone can be a huge pain in the rear end. That’s why Remarkamobile helps you develop the right kinds of apps and design the right kinds of websites to approach this growing audience on mobile.

The 100% Commission Affiliate Program

If you have your own business, you can see how adding a mobile marketing aspect to your overall marketing plan can be very useful and can help you not only gain new customers, but also retain existing customers and increase revenue. But you can also make more money as an affiliate too.

A press release was issued last month by Remarkamobile to announce its 100% affiliate commission program. You get a full 100% commission on every front-end sale every month. They want to attract more customers and we all know how effective great affiliate programs can be for that purpose.

How Much Does It Cost?

The main package from Remarkamobile is called the mCommerce Foundation. This is an all-in-one mobile customer list building system that includes 200 credits for SMS, MMS and video broadcasting. The 7-day trial is only a buck and then it’s $29 a month after that.


If you’d also like a mobile app or a mobile website, those cost $1299 and $299, respectively. If you sign up for a mobile app, the mobile website and QR code are included.

About the Author

A professional freelance writer based out of Vancouver, Michael Kwan focuses mostly on the worlds of technology, gadgets, and the Internet. You can find him blogging at Beyond the Rhetoric, among several other websites around the web.

Bradley Nordstrom - August 15, 2013


First of all, great post! I think this is a great service and for an insanely affordable price. Trust me, if I had a product or service I would definitely give Remark-A-Mobile a try. Look forward to reading more great posts, Michael!

Thanks for Sharing,
Bradley Nordstrom

Joe Hart - August 16, 2013

Text Message Marketing or SMS Marketing as some call it, has loads of potential.With the right presentation, it could really be a great marketing tool.Glad to know that companies like Remarkamobile are bringing innovation to the table.

Riza - August 16, 2013

Right about the rising trend of mobile marketing. Or is it more than a trend? I don’t know but I think it is, especially with statistics these days showing an increase of mobile use by consumers.

I haven’t thought about texting as good way to market. The point though, is very sensible since everybody seems to carry their cellphones and smartphones wherever they go.

Remarkamobile is really interesting. I’ll just have to look more into it.

rajat - September 7, 2013

First of all, great post! I think this is a great service and for an insanely affordable price. Trust me, if I had a product or service I would definitely give Remark-A-Mobile a try. Look forward to reading more great posts, Michael!

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