How to Add or Reorder Your Menu Items in WP Admin Dashboard

WordPress admin dashboard has been a hot topic here on Blogging Tips recently.

A lot of people liked my previous 3 posts on how to change the old ugly look of your WordPress admin dashboard.

I came with another post to Blogging Tips readers sharing how to add or reorder menu items in WP admin dashboard.

Have you ever wanted to move one of the most important menu items for you at the top, or create your own menu item, or even delete any that you’re not using at all.

Well, the good news is that you could do all this.

All this will be made by just one awesome plugin.

The best thing about this plugin is that you could remove the menu items you don’t want, make the menus that you’re using a lot at the top and create your own menus that best fits your own needs.

It’s really an interesting plugin to play with.

The Admin Menu Editor Plugin

You could easily drag and drop the menu items using the Admin Menu Editor plugin into any order you want.

Not only that, you could also hide menus, create new menu items, add icons, and change access rights for multi author blogs.

Let’s take a look at it in action.

Here is an example from WPMU. They changed the “Pages” order and deleted the “links” menu.

The  original menu is the one in the left and the new one is the one in the right.

You could also edit sub menus.

When you select a menu and it have sub menus, they’ll appear on the right side on the settings page.

Here’s a recap of what you could do with the plugin:

  • Drag and drop your menu items into whatever place you want to add them to.
  • Hide menus.
  • Create new menu items.
  • Change access rights.
  • Add icons to the menus.

The plugin makes it easy for non-tech and tech users to customize the menu items in the wordpress admin page to best fit their needs.

How to Add the plugin?

This is the easiest part.

You could go and download the Admin Menu Editor Plugin from the WordPress plugin’s directory for free and then upload the .zip file to your blog in the plugins menu.

Or you could add it through FTP using File Zilla after you extract the file.

Or you could simply search for it in plugins menu in your blog directly, choose the plugin and then install it.

Anyway you use, just install the plugin and start playing with it and benefit from it.

Last words:

The plugin is really a great way to start changing your menu in the WordPress admin dashboard.

Did you try it before? If yes, tell me what do you think about it in the comments.

If you didn’t, why don’t you try it and tell me how did you benefit from it.

Make sure to share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. I’ll respond to all your comments.

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