What’s your best writing technique?

By Rob Starr | Blogging

Aug 04

It all comes down to the same end result (words on the screen and ultimately in a blog) but there are many different paths to that mountaintop. Some writers like to write early in the morning or late at night, while other scribes can only do the work necessary for their blogs in the basement or in the backroom on the first floor of their homes.

Regardless of how you personalize the process, there are some techniques that have been around long enough to be called traditions. Check out a few of these below but feel free to add you own additions.

  1. Write the first draft all the way through. You’ve got a great idea and as soon as you start writing, your thoughts meander because there was something else you’ve just thought about to make that opening sentence really sing. Make a note in the margin or write something down in a notebook, but don’t stop. A good thought usually translates onto the screen from beginning to end. If you stop to revise along the way, you stand a chance of having the whole thing dissolve and be lost for good.
  2. Take breaks. I’ve read lots about burnout and mental fatigue and it is the lot of the writer that doesn’t understand you need to take breaks to recharge the batteries. One of the best pieces of advice (and one I hardly ever follow) is to take a ten minute break every hour. It works wonders to clear you head but is harder than hell to stick to if you’ve got deadlines and time allotments for your working day.
  3. Learn to rely on self editing. After that first draft is done, you can go back and start to edit words or phases to give the text more clarity and meaning. That generally means looking for words that can be cut without changing the meaning of the sentence. When you start asking yourself how you can say the same thing with fewer words and self edit accordingly, you’ll be surprised at how much better the text sounds.

You can pile you own individual writing techniques on top of these suggestions. Why not share a few right here so your fellow writers can get some insight into what works best for their colleagues?




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Karmakar August 4, 2013

Hi Rob…

Thank you very much for the details… :)

As a start up blogger I find this very useful and informative… :)

Really appreciate it… If you find some time to check out my blog, please share your experience about how to improve the quality for my blog….

Ryan Biddulph August 4, 2013

I am MASSIVELY big on taking frequent breaks Rob. Pull back to see what you believe stops you, from creating more posts, or writing with your voice, or whatever blocks you choose to envision for yourself.

Once you break frequently good things happen for you. I work 55 minutes and break 5-10 and must say that my effectiveness went through the roof. I post many times daily because I choose to pull back each and every hour.

Great tips overall, thanks for sharing!


kapil heera August 5, 2013

hi today I visited on your blog first time and got lots of things to learn and I would like to say that my best writing technique is to write on the topic of lists, I mean to say that I prefer to share articles in which I can give more options or subheadings.
thanks & regards

Angel Cuala August 5, 2013


This may sound funny, but I love writing while the TV is on.

I know that most writers prefer to be alone or want quiet surroundings while they are writing, but it’s somehow opposite for me. It’s not really that I want noise, but I really prefer being able to see something that moves if I find my eyes tired of looking the monitor.

I don’t know but I’m doing this since 2007 and I cannot remember any instance that I was distracted by TV. In fact, I think I am being more creative when I look at the TV once in a while.

But anyway, I also do a lot of breaks in between, especially if a client gives me a project that I am not really inclined to and the task requires me a lot of research.

Thank you.

    Debasmita August 14, 2013

    Hi Rob…
    Great article…. the point about mental fatigue is very true….taking beaks are really helpful…
    As Angel has stated, same is the case with me… I cannot write for long in a silent surrounding…A music or TV at the background really speeds up my writing…
    And the editing part always improves the quality no doubt…
    Thanks for highlighting the techniques of writing in an appropriate way :)

Reaz August 5, 2013

When I start writing a article for my blog. I type anything what I’ve in my mind. After finish the article I always using knife to cut my some useless sentence and make the article clear. Also I don’t forget to read my article more than 2 times before publishing in my blog. This will help me a lot for finding grammatical problems and many more.

Basically I like the 3 strategy that are Rob shared here. Really appreciate it.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Vizzi August 5, 2013

While everyone’s different, I find the best results come from 3 things:

Uninterrupted- Without interruptions, you can access deeper and more creative thoughts.

Uninhibited- Don’t worry about editing, titles, structure, etc. Just write everything you can.

Ruthless Editing- Spend more time editing than you do writing. If a word, sentence, or paragraph doesn’t fit, cut it.

Rupak August 6, 2013

Hi everyone! My habit is to write something holding while reading newspaper. It helps me in my own unique way. I get a breather if I don’t get enough ideas or thoughts to convert them into words. To seek words I read words. If still nothing working I put a halt to everything and sleep. I think rest is very essential to energise our mind and body. When we are fresh there every possibility of getting great ideas. When it comes to editing I always make everything very simple to read and understand. Some sentences do become complicated but I try to maintain my style and keep them readable. Thanks for giving tips to write better. Have a nice weekend!!!!

chris August 7, 2013

Once you break frequently good things happen for you. I work 55 minutes and break 5-10 and must say that my effectiveness went through the roof. I post many times daily because I choose to pull back each and every hour.

Great tips overall, thanks for sharing!

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Martin August 7, 2013

Not sure how normal or common this is but I mainly tend to write a lot of articles in one or two days (typically at the weekend) so that there is a lot of articles for either my blog(s) or guest posts should I get the right blog to post on. Then, I re-read the blog posts through the week on the days I want to post, edit what I need to and done. I sort of grind out content within the weekend and focus on other things on my site during the week… somewhat works well for me.

Joe Hart August 8, 2013

Hi Rob,
My style of writing is not as much effective as that of many popular writers here.But i follow a technique of scribbling down ideas whenever they strike me.This way i will have a lot of post ideas which i can later on work at convenience.

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