How To Name Your Blog

Your blog’s name is an extremely important part of branding. The success of your blog depends on the name (domain). It has to be original, descriptive but concise, memorable, and easy to spell and pronounce. But coming up with one is only getting more difficult with more and more names getting taken by .com domains.

Name The Blog

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Here are some tips to naming your blog:

What’s in a Name?

Like I said before, a name must be

  1. Unique – how many other people have a similar-meaning name?
  2. Targets Audience – can your target demographic know what you’re talking about with a short name?
  3. Catchy – will people be able to remember your name in the first place?
  4. Recallable – when people talk about your blog, will they be able to write down or say the name to others?

Basically, you need to find a creative, meaningful name that grabs the reader’s’ attention without confusing them or asking too much of their memory. Think Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Freelancer, Linkedin. All these names are catchy and creative. They’re no longer than three syllables long, and they’re easily recallable.

Cliches, Cliches Everywhere!

Let me clarify/specify how you can be original with your domain name. There are certain words that would be considered generic and would get readers rolling their eyes. “Central,” “Blog,” “Idea,” “Thoughts.” Try to avoid those trap words. They’re not only overused but vague and undescriptive.

“Blog” may just be the worst of all of these. It has no SEO benefits, it’s the most generic and undescriptive of all the other keywords (a blog about what? well of course this is a blog!), and it’s a frequently misused and misunderstood word.

Think Audience


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Think about why the audience would be reading your blog? Cooking tips? Writing guides? Are you writing to the young adults or to the middle-age group? Are you writing to fellow bloggers or to the general audience?

Your audience should be able to recognize and positively respond to your domain.  is a great example of this. Its target audience is students and job seekers.

“Google” It

Nowadays, Google has become a household name (alongside Wikipedia, Facebook, Youtube). Now, no one’s expecting your blog’s name to have the same effect that Google has. But it has to be easily memorable and recallable, kind of like Google. Hyperbole and a half has that sort of catchiness to it. It’s fun to say. People give puzzled looks when they first hear it, asking, “Hyperbole and a half? How do you have a hyperbole and then some?” But the name sticks like a charm.

I Loved that one Blog, but How do you Spell It?

Just because XKCD and IMDB can get away with obscure-ish names doesn’t mean you can do the same. What if no one knows how to spell your domain? Or even say it? is the best “worst example domain name” I can give you. It’s ridiculously long, and it’s also extremely difficult to type into the address bar. Please, please, please try not to do this.

Having Fun!

I hope you’re not biting your nails and sweating all over your shirt over this. In the end, your domain should be able to reflect the essence of your blog, what you love most of all. Have fun with it, make it an inside joke within your niche. Just make sure to use the joke to attract and not exclude.

Don’t fret too much over this process. It’s meant to turn those wheels and get your creative juices flowing, not make you lose sleep. Your name is a part of the personality, and though you should consider audience, the memorability of the name, etc, you should always put your passion for your blog’s content first when coming up with a name.

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