5 Ways to Make More Money from Your Blog

Website monetization has become a hot topic. After all, who would not want money? One of the types of website monetization is5 Ways to Make More Money from Your Blog earning from your blog. Making money from your website or blog is not bad at all, especially with your site already gaining a lot of traffic. Blogging nowadays has really become a huge industry where many people earn good money.


Moreover, more and more people become bloggers daily to earn some respect and have money along the side. If you own a blog, you can get an unbelievable income from it. Earning decent money from your blog requires some valuable information and tips. There are many ways to make more money from your blog and you do not necessarily need to apply all the methods. Check on them and apply those that most suit you. Below are some of the most popular ways to make more money from your blog.


Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

First things first, make your blog site friendly to the search engines so it draws more traffic. A blog site with a great deal of traffic is capable to earn money, especially when it comes to advertising. To increase traffic, keep on posting the latest news and talk about topics that appeal to the general public; but such topic should be related to your blog’s niche. The use of the right keywords in your content is also one of the ways to be in friendly terms with search engines. More traffic to your blog site can boost earnings for you as a blog owner.

Aside from more traffic, make sure your blog is designed in a professional way. A decent and simple design also attracts visitors. More visitors means more income. That is what traffic really means anyway.


Allow Advertising on Your Blog

One of the most well-known methods of making more money from your blog is to allow some advertising on your blog site – posting advertisements such as ad banners, ad texts, etc. By featuring ads on your blog, you can get a good deal of income when someone clicks or buy from the companies which advertisement is posted on your blog. When advertising through direct banner you need to give advertisers full permission of your site to set up ad spaces and charge them. If anyone buys the products promoted in the ad space, you earn. If you find it difficult to have direct advertisers, you can go to third party websites such as the BuySellAds.

You still get 100 percent revenue for third party service and you give them commissions. Earning through advertisement on your blog site has something to do with traffic. The more traffic your blog site has, the more chances that the ads posted shall be clicked by your readers or visitors.

A way of putting ads on your blog site is in-text ads. Companies advertised using this way give a parcel of code to be placed on your site in any word from your content which has a paying advertisement. The links are indirect and give no credit for SEO. It shall have double underlines which will popup small ads when moused over.

Advertising on your blog can also be done through ad networks. Ad networks sell ads on your site by putting their codes on your blog. They handle monitoring, collect from the advertiser and pay to you. They get a commission from your earnings in return. Most ad networks work only with blog sites that have heavy traffic.


Participate in Affiliate Programs

Many internet marketers find affiliate programs as the best way to make more money from your blog as many earn as much as $10k monthly through an affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketing is a marketing based on performance wherein a company pays its affiliates for each customer coming from the marketing effort of the affiliate. While much money can be earned through the affiliate program, it is not a short-term achievement. Some blog owners earn it after four to five years of doing really hard work on improving their blogs and make the blog sites capable of earning.

Affiliate programs also work with affiliate networks. Here is an example of how affiliate works:  You have a blog post that talks about a gadget by Samsung Electronics and links to the page on the website of  Target, which features the gadget. Target is a merchant which is covered by an affiliate network.  They affiliate that link so that anyone clicking the link and buys the item at Target because you link them, you shall earn a commission from the sale. Examples of master affiliate networks are Skimlinks and Viglink.


Do PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is one of the common ways to make money from blogging, and among the easiest. However, this does not work if the blog site does not have a minimum of 500 visitors daily. If you choose this way to monetize from blogging, make sure to check on the terms and conditions of the PPC advertising networks as they are sometimes strict. Your account might be banned when you do something against the terms.

Some of the examples of PPC advertising networks are Google Adsense, Yahoo Bing Ad Network, Clicksor and Chitika.  Google Adsense works by placing codes of Google on your blog site and they display text-based ads related to the content.


Write Product Reviews

Many product owners want to promote their products through product reviews such as internet products like SEO tools, eBooks, WordPress themes and plugins. You may contact the product owners and agree to write a product review for them and get paid for the review. Price depends mainly on the blog audience. Shoutmeloud blog for example with its millions of blog visitors earns $500 for each review.

Since your blog site is a publication medium itself, the opportunities are many. There are other ways to earn more money from it. Some of which is selling your own products such as themes and eBooks. Famous bloggers like Darren Rose makes money selling eBooks. You may also try it. However, the blog must gain more traffic and have many regular guests first. Then you can start checking out the methods of making more money from your blog and see which ones apply to you.

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Ryan Biddulph - July 23, 2013

Boost your traffic. Boost your cash flow.

Write more often, delving into topics which vibe with your target audience.

Sharing key tips, or steps which are practical helps you draw in hungry readers.

Hungry readers click on your ads or buy your products.

Also, networking like a champion by commenting on niche specific blogs boosts your cash flow. More clicks gives you stronger clout online and improves your search engine ranking too.

Thanks for sharing John!

Nancy Badillo - July 24, 2013

Hi John,

I read your post and enjoy reading it! Thanks for sharing 5 ways to make money on your blog. You gave some terrific ideas. Great job!


Joe Hart - July 25, 2013

Adsense has lost its charm.The best decision i had taken was to shift to affiliate marketing.It’s much more rewarding and fair in my opinion.CPC form of revenue is unstable and you don’t get paid enough for your traffic’s worth.

Rama Krishna - July 25, 2013

Buysellads approval is very very difficult then adsense.. Yes, Joe Hart Google Adsense lossed its charm..

Mia Taylor - July 26, 2013

Affiliate marketing do really pays off well. However, it seems like search engines started hating affiliate marketers.

Tom Jamieson - July 28, 2013

Creating high quality content that attracts readers and adds value is one of the best ways to generate traffic. Then once you have good traffic, you can implement these tips for making money. Thanks for sharing!

Reginald - July 29, 2013

Hi mate,

For me, the best way to monetize a site is always either Google Adsense or affiliate programs. It really boils down to what you actually write about. For example, blog tips has very low Adword value and thus, it is much better to sell a product or so. At least, that’s what happen to my site :)

Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.


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