How to Do Local Marketing and Dominate The Competition

Small businesses owners who run across this post really need to listen to this carefully. The world is changing and if you can get your mind wrapped around the fact that the internet is the way of the future, and then you may have a fighting chance to succeed. The explosion of the mobile phone and more and more laptops being sold annually, comes with the truth that the internet is at our finger tips every single day.

It would be wise to have that local presence online for every keyword that surrounds your local market in your area. This is how you should market your business if you are looking to stay ahead of the game and keep those competitors guessing on how you guys continue to be so successful.

Before you even stiff a bit of success online you must first understand 5 factors of the internet and how your potential customers use it to find what they’re looking for.

The sad truth is that thousands of businesses are closing their doors and the stats say it maybe getting even worse for the coming year. I say this because many of the offline businesses are not thinking outside of the box of marketing. If you don’t want to become one of these sad stories, then it’s best that you think about more creative marketing.

Just know that everyone has a mobile phone these days, and due to the creation of the “prepaid phones” now anyone can get a phone that is internet ready. That means that people are out and about searching for what they’re looking for and not caring too much about that big Yellow book or even the newspapers.

Think about this..the research shows that two-thirds of the people are going online to find that hair salon, clothing store or the best restaurant in that city. This should tell you if you’re not listed in those top positions, then chances are your missing out and risks getting run out of the town by small businesses who utilize the internet. Thanks to me.. I created 5 awesome local marketing tips that will at least get you on the road to success.


Get Listed…

Local SEO and BloggingThe first thing you need to do which is what I tell all my clients, is to get listed in every online business directory you can. From Google Places, Yelp, Super Page, Manta to Angie’s List and many more that are available to you. These places will give you a chance to submit all of the information about your business so you can start to build some form of an online presence. This won’t be enough so let’s cover some more tips that you can setup.

Get a Website…

There is nothing worse than seeing a local business that doesn’t have a website. To be honest with you, I’m always saying that if you don’t have a website then you really don’t have a business because there is no way for it to grow virally. Get productive and get a website setup that only really has to include the home page, contact page, and a page that covers your products or services. By doing this it allows you to take the steps to further your on page seo to insure people locally can find you.

On Page SEO…

I’m not going to dive deep down into on page seo, because I would be writing for days. To give a simple undertaking of it then I will say it would be wise to use keywords targeted to your business on your website’s given pages. Meaning, if you have an Ice Cream shop in Shreveport La, then I will say have that in the title of those pages and use it a couple of times in your body text. This pretty much tells the search engine that this page is about this or that so lets rank it accordingly. SEO goes a lot deeper than that but that’s the overall version of it to at least get you some form of online presence.

Place a Link…

This is a pretty simple thing to do if you already have a website and just need to start building more traction. One creative and neat local marketing tip is to go out and search for all of the local community type websites in your area. Such as churches, local groups, Lions Clubs and even the local newspaper. Just simply ask if they can place a link from your website to theirs and see what they say. Now the worst thing they can say is no but if you never ask then you will never know. By doing this you’re now listed on some high authority websites in your community which will give more credibility to your business.

Get Social…

This social media world is going crazy and everyone is using it from young to old. This sort of engaging should motivate you to get one the likes on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. From here you can setup a business page and start to tell your existing customers to follow you guys on these networks. Plus this can become a center ground for conversations about your product or services and consumers can share their experience which will turn into viral marketing.

Local Marketing 101

Finally I would like to say, if you want to be productive online then you must eliminate distractions if you will be doing the work yourself. Think about blocking websites like facebook and twitter so you can stay productive on completing tasks to grow your business online. The advance guide of how to block websites is a great manual that will teach you exactly how to eliminate those distractions. If you can do that, then the rest will come as you continue your marketing.

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