10 Ways to Promote Your Blog Effectively

After posting content to your blog that is rich in valuable information, the next thing that would concern you is how to make sure your10 Ways to Promote Your Blog Effectively blog gains attention. To draw traffic to your blog and to gain huge readership are the first priorities of an effective blog. With millions of blogs existing on the net and the blog sphere growing every second, having your blog getting noticed may not be an easy task. An effective way to do this is to promote your blog effectively. Indeed you cannot wait for people to come to your blog, but bring your blog to people. Promotion is part of blogging because it raises your profile, generates leads and gets more business. To promote your blog effectively, employ the following promotion tactics.


Utilize Social Media

It has been proven effective lately to utilize social media to promote your blog. Social media sites have more traffic because people usually visit these sites regularly to find content, such as Twitter. Promoting your blogs by utilizing social media may take you more time because these sites are social sites. They are designed for people to have interaction with each other. You may post your blog on Facebook, tweet on Twitter and share it on LinkedIn. However, these actions can look like spam if you do not engage in social interaction. With more connections, more users may possibly view your blog site. Do not just think quantity, think quality. Sincerely interact with your friends and connections. Also make new friends if you can.

Social media differ in behavior and rules. On Facebook for example, sharing your content every hour can make you annoying to others; but not so on Twitter, as its members expect this in some way. Spend some time on the social media and check their behaviors and their members. Follow some bloggers to learn from them what they post and talk about aside from the articles. Familiarizing with various social media can help you find networks that most suit you as a blog promoter. Do not just be present on the social network without being social. It will not give you the needed credibility for promotion. Being present just to share your content will not gain your blog readership.

Utilizing social media for blog promotion is a significant part, but not enough to find your blog more readers. Try Twitter and Facebook as they have a large number of members. Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest as well as social sharing apps like Buffer and Hootsuite are also worth the try. If some people get back to you, then that might help you become popular. When you promote your blog, you can see the social media power working to your advantage.


Post on Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Del.icio.us can be great sources of back links and traffic. You may try posting your content on these bookmarking sites. When used properly, they can help with your blog promotion. Study this aspect more and make it work for you.

Social media and bookmarking maybe forms of advertising though they do not usually ask for fees. If your blog is a business blog, then you might opt to go for advertising that requires investment. Personal blogs however depend if you are willing to pay or not. Promoting with online advertising is similar to promoting any business. You may try Google AdWords and Facebook advertising.


Syndicate Your Content

Syndicating your content is another way to promote your blog effectively. There are numerous sites that allow syndication of your content, some of them are free or even give payment for the content that you share with them. Also try Social Media Today and Business 2 Community. They can be of great help to reach a larger audience.


Do Guest Blogging

Posting an article in a blog that you do not own isguest blogging. This gives you a great opportunity to gain attention from other blogs’ audiences. Guest blogging is already quite popular among bloggers because of the benefits that it offers. For the guest blogger, it brings more back links and traffic. For the host, it brings diversity of authors and contents. Give your best to produce a great post when you doguest blogging since you are trying to give a good impression to an audience that is not yours. Pick a blog with the same niche as yours. If guest blogging, interact with the host’s audience, that is, if the host allows you. Some blogs provide a bio page for their guest bloggers but other bloggers may opt not to let you do that. Make sure you talk to the host first.

Do not overdo guest blogging though. Remember to keep your own blog alive and keep your own audience. After all, your blog is the very reason why you do guest blogging. You may also invite other bloggers to write in your blog as this can help improve your SEO and give your blog variation.


Put Some Vertical Appeal

Post some articles that appeal to the vertical markets in a unique manner. You can create frequently asked questions (FAQs) for example, as well as different industry trends. This will make your blog stand as a credible resource and trusted target market, keeping your readers coming back.


Mention Your Blogs From Your Other Sites

Make sure to mention your blogs to your other sites such as bio, website, online resume, email signature, social media accounts, internet profile, other blogs and other sites that you have on the web.


URL Shortening

Have your blog post shortened before it is shared. Shorten its URL on sites like TinyURL.  This shall give more room to create comments that can entice other members and followers to your blog.


Join Forums and Discussions

Forums and discussion groups online exist for practically every niche. Actively participate in these groups. Join the conversations and give your own contribution such as responding to questions, offering advice and giving links to helpful information. Then you can mention your blog within these discussions if deemed relevant. Do not spam the forums with unrelated links and information.


Comment on Other Blogs

Another way to promote your blog effectively is giving comments to other blogs. Make sure though that your comment is genuine and not just for the sake of promoting your blog. Otherwise, bloggers will delete your comments as spam.


Call to Action

Do not forget to include a call to action or CTA in your posts. When creating blog posts, give your readers an offer related to your niche. Have a button at your post’s bottom, bearing a link that shall direct to the page of the offer. Offers can be informational such as webinars, whitepapers and eBooks as those reading your blog shall be likely interested to get more free information.

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